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Enlargel takes a two-fold systematic approach to natural male enhancement. Through a unique trans-dermal delivery system, applied directly to the penis, Enlargel is the best training lubricant for penile exercising. It helps increase hardness, penis length and penis girth.

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The penile exercising lubricant gel, Enlargel:

  • Is a transdermal exercising lubricant that absorbs directly into the penile tissue.
  • Releases vasodilators that cause individual pores in the penis to dilate and expand beyond normal capacity
  • Releases several Androgen Precursors into the blood stream that prompt the testes to produce testosterone, the hormone primarily responsible for natural penile growth and development.
  • Softens the penile tissue causing it to be responsive to growth-oriented penile exercise


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1 Comment

  1. I saw Enlargel over a year ago and was pretty skeptical. However, the ingredients seems pretty good and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try the stuff out. I ordered a 3 month supply for ~$100 and have the following to say.

    I used Enlargel after Bathmate sessions for a few months. I noticed my penis would stay fat longer, but I can’t say this attributed to any gains on it’s own. It says is can be used as a training lube but it ended up drying out quickly and leaving me feeling sticky. While I made gains using this product it is still unsure whether or not Enlargel played a key role in any of it.

    My big gripe with this stuff is that it’s expensive as hell. You can buy supplements in higher doses that will arguably do the same. Applying directly to your member may have some added benefit, but at the price of this stuff I can’t see it being worth it. If you’re curious about this stuff I would recommend you try it out for a month, one bottle, before you commit to investing any more money. Others may react to this stuff better, but I can only assume. While supplements can aid PE, I don’t think they are important enough to justify spending this type of money. Try it out if you really want to experiment with new things thing, but don’t buy this to replace a good workout. It may have some value and benefits, but don’t expect anything substantial. If you can, save your money.

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