Do You Need Penis Enlargement? (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)


Do You Need Penis Enlargement?

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

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First, do you want or need penis enlargement?

Penis enlargement is a subset of male enhancement, which deals with a more holistic approach toward men’s issues like penile stamina and sexual self-confidence. A HUGE number of men become fixated on the idea of penis enlargement, due to the misconceptions they get from pornographic movies. There’s also a strong cultural reference to “bigger is better.”

If you truly want to succeed in penis enlargement, it’s important for you be to be able to get some degree of objectivity about it. I say this due to the facts that:

1. Penis enlargement and EQ stats have a very definite relationship, and
2. Men who struggle with poor EQ due to negative self-imagery often have a very hard time gaining.

An objective approach will also help you to differentiate between enlargement for the purpose of aesthetics, as opposed to feeling the need to fulfill someone else’s expectations.

The best type of physical training analogy I can compare penis enlargement to is yoga or gymnastics. These forms of training involve developing a high degree of both flexibility and strength. One aspect shouldn’t be out of balance with the other.

The Training Spectrum

While experiments like the Client Study do show there are certain training methods which appear to work very well for a sizable number of trainees, it should be noted there are a significant number of men who require different stimuli and, in some cases, unusual methods for forcing adaptations.

Higher intensity does NOT automatically mean the exercise(s) in question will be better for growth. What higher intensity means is more work is performed in less relative time. For men who have a tendency to gain with moderate intensity or even light intensity/high volume methods, their training would take them in a different direction.

In the training spectrum from low intensity to high intensity, the sample exercises are outlined as follows:

Girth: Penile Slaps > High Volume Style Jelqs > Standard Jelqs > Squeezes > ULI#3 > Clamping

Length: All Day Stretchers > Extenders > Side to Side stretches > Tension Stretches > Ruler Stretches > PNF Stretches > Heavy weight hanging

Stamina: Unerect Kegels > Erect Kegels > Stop and Starts > Super Kegels/Towel Raises > Master Your Orgasms

[A list of penis enlargement exercise instructions can be seen here: Penis Exercises]

Something important to keep in mind is if you spend enough time training in a progressive manner, you might eventually be able to work up to and benefit from performing both high intensity and high-volume training. Few trainees see the need to use this type of training, but some of the really big gains claimed by trainees come from working up to being able to handle high volumes of high intensity over the course of several years.

NOTE: EQ will play a huge part in your ability to adapt, recover and benefit from progressive training. The bigger your penis gets, the higher your EQ should become.

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