Get a FREE Phallosan Plus!

Get a FREE Phallosan Plus!

Sponsor post- courtesy of Phallosan:

Hi Members of PEGYM,

i am starting a new giveaway.

How to win a Phallosan plus?

1. Send me your Order number of your Phallosan forte into this thread, just below this post.

2. I will collect them and pull out 10 next week Friday.

3. You will automatically then get a Phallosan plus for free of charge.

What are the terms?

1. if you already own a Phallosan plus you cannot attend

2. You must be a owner of a Phallosan forte with your original order number

3. If you send in the order number twice or more you are disqualified.

4. you must be a Member of PEGYM

So all the very best to you and lots of Luck.


Please see the following for more details: REP Support for Phallosan Forte

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Is there a best method and products for penis enlargement? Part 1

Is there a best method and products for penis enlargement?

Article courtesy of ZenHanger

A large number of men have expressed a desire to increase the length of their penis. There are many different reasons for this. Some men want a bigger penis to improve their confidence, and many boost the length of their penis in order to heighten their performance in the bedroom. The penis is a complex organ and many people know little about how it works. By finding out more about the penis and solutions you can use to lengthen it, you can get the results that you are looking for. Over the years, a wide range of penis enhancement products have entered the market, and these have been used by men across the world. Many people start one particular product and / or method and as they become more comfortable with their beginner routine they often add other products and methods. Some of the most common products in a penis enlargement routine are pumps, weight hanging systems, silicone anti turtle / stretching sleeves and supplement pills to stimulate growth and recovery. Whether you need solutions for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or just want to increase penis length or girth, products are available that can help you achieve your goals.

Is there a ‘wrong’ penis size?

Before we get into products and methods lets start by saying whatever your reason for seeking out penis enhancement products are, there are many solutions that can help you. It’s important not to get down about your current size. Studies have found that the average penis measures in at just over five inches, so you may be bigger than you think. What’s more is that only 10% of males have a larger than average penis. Nonetheless, even when men become aware of this, it often doesn’t stop then desiring more substance. If you want to boost the size of your penis to please a lady, it’s worth remembering that many women regard girth just as important or even more important than length. Pills such as volume and recovery pills and pumps like the electronic zen pump are great tools for starting out because not only do they assist with long term growth they are a few of the only products that also show short term size results while you are working on permanent gains.

Penis enlargement surgery (not recommended)

Some men have opted for surgery in order to enhance the size of their penises. This is by far the most extreme option and not recommended except in very extreme cases. This can be both expensive and risky. A huge range of non-surgical solutions are available including clamps, penis pumps, penis stretchers, weight hanging systems and extenders. The risks of penile cosmetic surgery includes nerve damage, reductions in sensitivity, erectile dysfunction, infection and scarring, so it’s important to think very carefully about which route to take if you are ready to boost the size of your manhood.

Penis stretchers, extenders and the ADS solution

When you first get started with penis enhancement products you will most likely come across a lot of information and companies selling some form of a penis stretcher or traction stretchers. They have versions with metal rods and springs, pulleys around your waste and all different versions. This method is so popular for reason, it has been known to get results. The only issue is that it is really uncomfortable and a lot of guys find it hard to wear for long periods of time. Penis stretching is a great starter method for penis length gains but I find it best as a supplemental product as an additional to a penis weight hanging routine. It can be a great way to adjust your penis into getting used to the concept of stretching but working in a weight hanging routine is preferable once you are comfortable. Penis stretchers can definitely be a solid part of penis enlargement routine and a really great one that I find to be easy to use and great for speeding up gains and also preventing turtling after weight hanging is the Zen Hanger ADS. It’s an easy noose-based system that comes with silicone comfort sleeves. You can either attached to the provided leg strap or attach the pully under your desk while working or relaxing

Weight hanging systems

Penis weight hanging systems have helped many men to get the results they desired. When you use these systems, you can train your penis to get used to increasingly heavier weights over time. Regardless of the type of weight hanger you are using they are always to be attached when the penis is flaccid. Over time you can increase the weights as your tolerance increases. Penis weight hanging is a permanent growth solution. To achieve the results it’s important to take perform your hanging routine daily and only take days off when your penis is too fatigued or you experience any type of pain or injury. Once you start to see results you will be excited about your routine and it becomes more enjoyable. There a few different style hangers on the market and the choice is often based on preference and the shape of your penis. The three most common types of hangers are clamp, noose and vacuum hangers. Noose and clamp style hangers are based around the same concept of tightening a hanger around the penis using pressure of beads, screws or tension devices to create enough grip to hang weight from the device. Noose hangers like the zen hanger penis weight hanging noose system are usually easier to get in and out of and more practical if you are the right shape and able to use this type of hanger. Guys that are uncut or coned shaped with a smaller head then base usually find it more difficult to use clamp or noose styling hangers. For these people or if you are just very serious about hanging and want to use the best method, the penis vacuum hanger or also known as penis vac hanging is the system for you. This method utilizes a silicone sleeve that is place on the shaft of the penis and sealed with vacuum pressure. Once pressurized weight is able to be hung from the hanger. This penis vacuum hanger is really great because is also doubles as an electronic penis pump all in one package. It comes in a few different weight packages and is really an ideal system for beginners or experience hangers.