The Importance of Record Keeping (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The Importance of Record Keeping

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

Always Track Your Progress

The most important part of your male enhancement regimen is your record keeping. Keeping accurate records will not only show how you’ve come along, but it’ll also let you know if you’re making progress.

Record exercises, sets, reps, intensity used and even how you felt about your workout that day. Also, record any injuries or other routine problems you may be having. Record your erect length and girth measurements once every two weeks and your EQ stats each training day.
We suggest keeping your records in a book or in Word, Excel or on Google Drive.

We also suggest keeping a progress journal. If kept on forums like, it can be a useful tool for getting constant feedback from other members.

If you’re following one of our coaching programs, your coach will regularly review your journal in order to ensure you’re training with maximum benefits and safety in mind.

In order for the consult service to work to its fullest capacity, it’s important you keep detailed records of all of your routine activities.

A Good Idea

Take before pictures of your measurements! After many men see results, they wish they would have taken starting pictures, so they’ll have visual proof of what they have gained.

Think of it this way. Remember when you were a kid and summer break started. Your jeans went into the dresser and you spent all summer long living in shorts. Then, come fall, you go to put on the pants that fit fine in May, only to find they now are two inches too short! You had no idea you had grown taller – but you did!

It’s because you see yourself every day and the fractional growth, over time, didn’t register. But, over the course of several months, it really added up! The same will happen with penis enlargement. Because you see yourself every day, you likely won’t notice that your length increased by a 1/16th of an inch. But, after eight weeks, if you compared a before and after photo, you’d definitely see that ½-inch total difference. For this reason, we recommend you take starting pictures (preferably with you measuring device visible) before you start exercising your penis.

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PenisGainPlus Penis Enlargement System

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