Ez-Jelq New Penis Enlargement Device

Ez-Jelq New Penis Enlargement Device

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The Ez-Jelq was carefully designed to address the core principles of the jelqing massage: control of the blood flow and stretching throughout the entire exercise. The Ez-Jelq enables an enhanced jelqing experience and encourages a more pleasant and productive jelqing technique, with maximum gains -in width and length- for harder, long-lasting erections.

Smart Design: Stylish, Comfortable, and Easy to Use.

Ez-Jelq Features

Silicone Grip:

The Ez-Jelq prevents blood escaping from the sides of the penis through its patented mouth-like grip technology, which converges the pressure towards the side points and allows to control the blood flow and stretching tension throughout the entire exercise.

Ergonomic handles:

Its ergonomic adjuster handles enable a natural positioning of hands for easy grip pressure adjustments, allowing full control throughout the exercise.

Device Construction:

The Ez-Jelq is made of safe and biocompatible materials. It is ultra-light and built to last. Built in bearing bushings for smooth operation. US Patent 10,307,327. Made in USA.

How it Works

The Ez-Jelq grip creates a cavity that can adapt to the girth of any penis, allowing full control of the blood flow and stretching throughout the entire exercise.

The Ez-Jelq Kit Includes:

  • The Ez-Jelq device
  • User Guide
  • Soft Case with Combination Lock
  • Warm-Up Towel
  • Ez-Jelq Ruler
  • Personal Lubricant.
  • Free Shipping in US!

CLICK HERE to visit the Ez-Jelq Website!


Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service

Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service

The meCOACH Male Enhancement service was created to offer a more streamlined way for men to get help with their male enhancement results.  The lead coach AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been helping men with their training goals since 1997!

Below are just a small sample of some of the clients he’s helped right here on PEGym:

Dear Ambellina writes:

Worked with Big Al for over a year and it was an absolute pleasure. When I started PE at 6bpel x 5meg, I made some good and easy newbie gains but eventually hit a wall. Big Al was able to push me through stagnation and get me to a very happy 7 x 5.5 with excellent advice, feedback, and guidance. I have a tendency to overthink things and Big Al was great about keeping me focused and keeping my mind on the right track. Such a huge part of PE is mental discipline and this is especially where a coaching service can be invaluable, because you’re much more likely to follow through when someone is monitoring your progress and pushing you to achieve.

He’s a great guy, it’s a wonderful service, I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re the kind of person that likes to ask a million questions and have someone pushing you along. It’s completely analogous to the role of a personal trainer at the gym and the level of service was that of a passionate professional.

Thank you Al!

Dakrom writes:

Whether a complete beginner or an advanced trainee seemingly fizzing out, Big Al is the go to guy. He’s stupendously knowledgeable, professional, and a very empathetic and understanding, down to earth person. He’ll set a plan with you, help you execute it, and keep you on track. I wholeheartedly could not have asked for a better coach. For anyone considering his services I highly recommend him, you’ll be more than happy you signed up.

HansTwilight writes:

I figured I would chime in. I’ve been a client of Big Al for about two months and I’ve enjoyed every day of it. He helped me realize that I needed to cut out some habits to improve my EQ, and he has provided me with great motivation to continue abstaining from porn which has also contributed to my EQ improvements. He will work with you and tailor a program just for you. I am currently on a stamina training routine and after only a couple weeks I am beginning to see improvements in my ejaculation control. Big Al is a great guy who truly cares about his clients and is always willing to discuss things regarding male enhancement.
I have a long way to go to achieve all of my goals but I am happy to have Big Al accompany me on my journey. He is also very helpful on this site.

There are more such testimonials from PEGym members at the following thread: meCoach Testimonials

PEGym members are entitled to one FREE month of membership with the purchase of any 3 month subscription!

If you’d like to speed up the learning curve and get a high level of quality assistance in achieving your male enhancement goals, check out MaleEnhancementCoach.com today!


meCOACH Male Enhancement Service FAQs

mecoach male enhancement training

meCOACH Male Enhancement Service FAQs

The meCOACH Male Enhancement Service is the brainchild of Client Services Director AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.  The service itself was developed in conjunction with other experts in the field of male enhancement, and serves as the internet’s #1 male enhancement consultation program.

Below are a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the service:

If you want results, the answer to this question is – yes. We constantly hear “Thank you!” from men telling us how much we changed their lives. Here are the top 5 reasons our clients say they’re glad they went with our 1-on-1 coaching:

  • Instead of spending months and years making mistakes and experimenting with routines, you quickly optimize your workouts thanks to AJ and his team’s expertise.
  • Going at it alone is risky and possibly even dangerous. Too many men overtrain, perform exercises incorrectly or focus on the wrong techniques for their goals.
  • Results, results, results. Our coaching system is customized to you, simple to follow, and backed by testimonials from 1,000’s of our previous clients..
  • With meCOACH, you’ll have access to the world-class knowledge you need, from our personal tutoring, to access to our exclusive library of male enhancement resources.
  • Constant support and assurance – having a personal coach in your corner to guide you makes all the difference.

Yes. Like all exercises, our techniques are perfectly safe when done properly. That’s not to say you can’t exercise improperly.

When done the wrong way, exercising the penis can lead to overtraining, temporary weak erections or injury. meCOACH will ensure your workouts are not only safe, but effective as well, maximizing your efforts.

With over 20 years of experience, safely getting you to your goals is our primary focus. As long as you follow our instructions and make sure to contact us with any questions you may have, you’ll be on the fastest track to a harder, healthier, larger penis.

Yes. AJ and our team at meCOACH have helped 1,000s of men reach their male enhancement goals. AJ only recruits the best to give you the best – the best advice, the best techniques and the best results.

FAQS Continued HERE






Jelqing Results 2018 Report – Does Jelqing Really Work?

penis enlargement happy guy

Jelqing results 2018 report – Does jelqing really work?

Let’s take a look at the results some members have gotten with jelqing as a major part of their male enhancement routine, with our jelqing results 2018 report.

jelqing results 2018 penis enlargement happy guy jelqing report 2018Whether you’re looking for:

  • Penis length enlargement
  • Penis girth enlargement
  • Erection hardness improvement or
  • Increased stamina

Jelqing is the base to every effective male enhancement routine.

Our jelqing results 2018 report takes real results, from real men, to see the progress they’ve made, thanks to jelqing.

Member Name Jelqing Results 2018 Time it Took to Gain 1st 1/2-Inch
feelsgood 3 months of pumping and very light jelqing; twice a day of 5 min at 5″Hg, then 10 min at 9″Hg. 3 months
jockinthebox Jelqs (about 250), edging + my URO stretches 5 days a week, then wearing a steel cockring the balance of the day+ sleeping to hold engorgement & cement. 2 months
Telerecca At first I was just doing jelqs. Then I did some research and started JP90’s routine. 3 months
DaveX My PE routine has now settled into something consistent that I’m happy with (and really enjoy) and it’s simply jelqing for 40-60 strokes then edging for 5 mins and repeat (for about 30mins). I do this 3 to 4 times a day – Three days in a row then 1 day rest. 3 1/2 weeks
Priorititties A stretching and jelqing routine. I do believe that this also has to do a lot with my improved EQ. 25 days
jhon ny I m doing 2 hours streching 35 min jelqing10 min ulis 13 min clamping 3 months
ino What I did differently was implementing V-jelqs and longer warm-ups and some more jelqs. 9 monhts
HopefulPersistant I regret not focusing more on V jelqs. I kind of rushed through those after finishing 30 mins of standard jelqing. I did warmup really well though, 15-20 mins each time. 4 months
domnus I started jelqs and basic stretching. 6 – 8 months
Vegetableman123 JP90 and jelqing in general i guess has made my erections so much stronger already, while standing while erect I would be erect out at a 90 degree angle straight, now its a lot stronger and at a 45 degree angle. In progress
duude I was doing some sort of stretches, 10′ Jelqs and a lot of flaccid and erect kegels. 2 – 3 months
Dongo My routine starts with manual stretching, then jelqing for at least 30 min, I then do some more manual stretching. When eq permits I do some light clamping. 6 weeks
Undead Lots of jelqs with little to no length exercises. 360 stretches and side to side holding between 6-10 seconds. 4 months

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Stealth Innerwear Premium Sleeve

Stealth Innerwear Premium SleeveStealth for Men is introducing a new accessory for their Steal Innerwear – the Premium Sleeve. And, for 2 days only PEGym members can get this new Premium Sleeve for FREE when they purchase the Stealth for Men Innerwear or Corkscrew.

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The Stealth for Men Premium Sleeve is made of neoprene. It’s thicker and more durable than the regular Jacket and Skin. Plus, it’s only a single layer, making it even more convenient. These normally retail for $15, and for these 48 hours, you can get them for FREE with your purchase.

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Do you have questions about Stealth for Men Innerwear and/or Corkscrew? Post them on our Stealth for Men Forum Thread. The Stealth rep will be happy to help you!

Which Bathmate is Right for Me?

bathmate penis pump

Bathmate-lineThe Bathmate Bathpump is one of the most successful penis enlargement and male enhancement products on the market. Why? Two reasons:

It works and it’s easy!

The Bathmate will help you get a longer and thicker penis, using the power of water. You’ll also enjoy harder erections and more stamina! Who doesn’t want that?

However, which Bathmate is right for you?

Bathmate Size Chart

Choosing the best Bathmate to fit you is key to maximizing the results you’ll get. So, which Bathmate size should you get? Luckily, Bathmate has designed several different pump sizes, to make sure you will have one that’s perfect for you!

  • bathmate size chartUnder 5.5 inches in Length – The Hydromax X20 and X20 Xtreme were designed specifically for men who are just starting their penis enlargement journey. These specially-designed pumps will get you the maximum effects, to help you reach your goals.
  • From 5.5 to  7.5 Inches in Length – There are three Bathmate models for you. The Hercules, Hydromax X30, and the X30 Xtreme are sized for men under 7.5″ in length (erect) and under 1.75″ in girth measuring left to right, at the widest point.
  • From 7.5 Inches to 9 Inches in Length – There are two Bathmate models perfect for men in this size range. The Hydromax X40 and the X40 Xtreme are sized for men between 7.5″ in length (erect) and 9″ in length (erect) and no more than 2″ in girth measuring left to right, at the widest point.
  • Greater than 9 Inches in Length – If you’re already large and looking to be HUGE, there is one Bathmate model you’ll need – the Goliath. The Goliath was designed specifically for men who are more than 9″ in length (erect). Now, the X50 Xtreme will get you to that GINORMOUS status!

Bathmate Model Differences Chart

In addition to the sizing differences in the Bathmate models, there are other differences too. Once you’ve decided which size Bathmate is right for you, you may have two or three different models to choose from. Here are the differences, to help you decide which is Bathmate is perfect for you.

  • bathmate feature chartHercules – This is the original Bathmate Bathpump! It is the most cost effective model, you can use the Hercules in the bath or shower, while you go about your daily bathing routine.
  • Goliath – The Goliath was the Hercules’s big brother. Specially designed for larger men, the Goliath comes with a support strap and a protective case.
  • The Hydromax X20, X30 or X40 – The Hydromax models were designed for men who want more bang for their buck. A latch valve makes filling super easy. The removable comfort pad increases comfort. And, the  X20, X30 and X40 provide 30% more power than the Hercules model.
  • The X20 XtremeX30 Xtreme, X40 Xtreme or X50 Xtreme – The Xtreme models are the ultimate Bathmate model and comes with all of the bells and whistles. With all of the extra power of the X models, the Xtremes also come with a hand pump, which means you can use the Xtreme both in the shower or bath or dry. They also come with – a support strap, protective case, long insert comfort pad and more.

PE Weights

penis hanging PEWeights

This product is no longer available.

PE Weights are the rings that work. PE Weights are weights that hang on the penis to enlarge the erect penis and increase flaccid length, as well as make the penis harder.

PE Weights penis enlargement weightsPE Weights Come in Different Designs

In the picture above, the top rings are the Stealth PE Weights; the bottom are the Wedge PE Weights. Although the differences may not be visually obvious, they are significantly different in mass. The Stealth PE Weight is 30% smaller in weight, and the outside girth measurement is 6.5 inches. The Wedge Rings girth is 7.4 inches.

PE Weights varieties include:

  • Wedged Ring – This PE Weight is designed to reduce skin pinch. It has a beveled inside hole and the outside of the ring has been squared to increase it’s weight. When this PE Weight is stacked it forms a smooth tube.
  • End Ring – This PE Weight is intended for use as the last ring before the wrap. It has a tapered outside shape to the end to provide for a more stealth look. The outside diameter blends with the Wedged PE Weight. It weighs in at 10 oz Inside diameter is 1.25″.
  • Enlarged Ring – This PE Weight is designed for the guy who has a large flaccid girth. It measures 1.5″ inside and weighs in at 11.4oz. This unit can handle girths exceeding 5″ flaccid.
  • Enlarged End Ring – This PE Weight is intended for use as the last ring before the wrap. It has a tapered shape to the end to provide for a more stealth look. It weighs in at 11.3oz. Inside diameter is 1″.

PenisGainPlus Enlargement System

PenisGainPlus Penis Enlargement System

The PenisGainPlus Penis Enlargement System is a traction-based system to increase penis length and girth, correct penis curvature, and provide harder erections.

PenisGainPlus Penis Enlargement SystemLearn More About the PenisGainPlus Enlargement System

PenisGainPlus Gives Permanent Results Through Stretching

The PenisGainPlus system uses the principle of stretching to increase the size of your penis. If a part of the body is exposed to a permanent stretch, the cells in that area will begin to multiple and divide, so, it will increase the tissue mass. This principle guarantees improvements in the length and width of the penis. Different nations and cultures used this principle to extend various body parts worldwide.