Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service

Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service

The meCOACH Male Enhancement service was created to offer a more streamlined way for men to get help with their male enhancement results.  The lead coach AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been helping men with their training goals since 1997!

Below are just a small sample of some of the clients he’s helped right here on PEGym:

Dear Ambellina writes:

Worked with Big Al for over a year and it was an absolute pleasure. When I started PE at 6bpel x 5meg, I made some good and easy newbie gains but eventually hit a wall. Big Al was able to push me through stagnation and get me to a very happy 7 x 5.5 with excellent advice, feedback, and guidance. I have a tendency to overthink things and Big Al was great about keeping me focused and keeping my mind on the right track. Such a huge part of PE is mental discipline and this is especially where a coaching service can be invaluable, because you’re much more likely to follow through when someone is monitoring your progress and pushing you to achieve.

He’s a great guy, it’s a wonderful service, I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re the kind of person that likes to ask a million questions and have someone pushing you along. It’s completely analogous to the role of a personal trainer at the gym and the level of service was that of a passionate professional.

Thank you Al!

Dakrom writes:

Whether a complete beginner or an advanced trainee seemingly fizzing out, Big Al is the go to guy. He’s stupendously knowledgeable, professional, and a very empathetic and understanding, down to earth person. He’ll set a plan with you, help you execute it, and keep you on track. I wholeheartedly could not have asked for a better coach. For anyone considering his services I highly recommend him, you’ll be more than happy you signed up.

HansTwilight writes:

I figured I would chime in. I’ve been a client of Big Al for about two months and I’ve enjoyed every day of it. He helped me realize that I needed to cut out some habits to improve my EQ, and he has provided me with great motivation to continue abstaining from porn which has also contributed to my EQ improvements. He will work with you and tailor a program just for you. I am currently on a stamina training routine and after only a couple weeks I am beginning to see improvements in my ejaculation control. Big Al is a great guy who truly cares about his clients and is always willing to discuss things regarding male enhancement.
I have a long way to go to achieve all of my goals but I am happy to have Big Al accompany me on my journey. He is also very helpful on this site.

There are more such testimonials from PEGym members at the following thread: meCoach Testimonials

PEGym members are entitled to one FREE month of membership with the purchase of any 3 month subscription!

If you’d like to speed up the learning curve and get a high level of quality assistance in achieving your male enhancement goals, check out MaleEnhancementCoach.com today!


Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 2)

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 2)

4. Mastering Lovemaking

Being sexually confident, knowing how to control your ejaculation, and having a beautiful penis is not enough if you are a lousy lover!

Learning how to satisfy a woman sexually is key to a happy relationship, and many people have been writing on this subject before me.

But I’ll give you tip about this that rarely the other “sex gurus” ever give.

The tip would be to ask your sexual partner what she likes, try it with her and get some feedback on how it was for her, then ask her and how you can make it even more pleasurable for her the next time.

It may sound simple, but rarely men ever have a conversation about their sexual performance with their lover when it’s already good. Usually, this topic only comes up when one of the partners is not happy sexually.

So just ask her today what she would like you to try in bed next time.

5. Mindful Masturbation

A lot of sexual problems are caused by consuming porn and masturbating the wrong way.

If you stop consuming porn (or at least consume softer porn and less often), and if you’ll learn how to masturbate the right way, issues like premature ejaculation and erection challenges will solve themselves in most cases.

So if you are consuming porn and you masturbate to it “the wrong way,” I would recommend considering stopping with this habit, and instead, replace it with mindful masturbation which is the right kind of self-love.

Over the years, I’ve developed five different mindful masturbation exercises, which I’ll tell you about the next time.

6. Sexuality – The Next Level

Almost no one talks about this, but there is a secret about sexuality that most men don’t know, and even those who heard about it never give it the attention it deserves.

The topic is male sexual energy, and if you learn to master it, not only you’ll gain better control over your ejaculation and erection and become a better lover automatically, but you’ll also boost your health, clarity, creativity, and success.

Sounds crazy or too good to be true?

Well, I was thinking the same way when I first heard about it.

But there is an entire chapter in the book Think and Grow Rich about sexual energy TRANSMUTATION, and this topic was well known and studied for over 3,000 years in the fat east.

And I’m not an expert on this topic because I’m still exploring it myself, but I can recommend you to read Mantak Chia’s books.

In conclusion:

You can always overcome any sex-related challenge in your life and become the kind of lover you dreamed of becoming.

Another thing that I want you to remember and understand is that if you are having a sexual challenge right now, it’s not your fault, and everything can be solved!

And most importantly, you are now on PEGym, and this is a community is here to help each other, so you are at the right place in this stage in your life, and hopefully, you’ll master your sexuality fast, and you’ll enjoy the process.

Until the next time,

David Finer

About the Author:

David Finer is the man behind VibratingLove.com. He was written extensively on matters related to male enhancement and sexuality, and has written this article specifically for PEGym members looking to get a better understanding of their overall sexuality.

Healthy Sex Tips for Men

Healthy Sex Tips for Men

Medically reviewed by University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Medicine on January 9, 2017 — Written by Pamela Rogers, MS, PhD

This article is a repost which originally appeared on HealthLine


Sex is a mental and physical pursuit that sometimes feels like it should come with an instruction guide. As with anything else, what one man likes could be quite different from what another likes. It can be a challenge to find the right ingredients to a connected and orgasmic sex life.

As a man, it’s important to engage in activities that will maintain your overall health, which plays into your sexual health. Reducing stress, eating right, exercising, and avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol in excess can keep you in prime shape. A healthy lifestyle also gives you sexual confidence, which isn’t a bad side effect. When you have the mental side of your sex game in gear, you can focus on the physical side.

Healthy sex “do’s”

Sex doesn’t have to be like the movies to be great. It’s between you and your partner to find out what turns both you and him on and what connects the two of you. Here are some tips to help you take sex to the next level.

Mastering foreplay

When it comes to foreplay, the key “triggers” for people can seem very different. For example, if you ask your partner if he wants to have sex and he quickly says no, you could be asking the right question with the wrong words or body language.

Foreplay is all about the emotion and wanting. It’s important to show that you don’t just want to have sex, but that you want to have sex with your partner, specifically.

Masturbation: misconceptions and realities

Masturbation releases chemicals in your body that relieve stress and just plain make you feel good. A common misconception some people have is if they’re in a relationship, they shouldn’t masturbate. First, it’s important to talk to your partner about how he feels about masturbation and to be clear on what is and isn’t OK. Some couples even try masturbating in front of each other. Not only can this teach you about your partner’s pleasure zones, but it can also demystify the act for your partner.

Other misconceptions that exist about masturbation include that it weakens an erection or that too much can harm your penis. While it’s possible to injure or chafe the skin from masturbation, there usually isn’t any harm in it. The only key difference here is to ask if masturbation gets in the way of daily activities or living your life. If the answer is yes, there could be a deeper connection between masturbation for you that you should talk to your doctor about.

Healthy sex “don’ts”

During the act

Sometimes the most important don’ts when it comes to sex are the simplest to say and the most difficult to grasp. But biology and time-tested knowledge make most of these actions major don’ts when it comes to sex:

  • Rushing through it or acting like it’s a chore. This is especially true if you’re in the driver’s seat giving your partner oral sex or other stimulation. Sex is about enjoyment and taking time.
  • Expecting gratitude or reciprocation. While a lot of times you can expect to give and receive, demanding it is quite a different thing. You shouldn’t expect applause every time you engage in foreplay (even if you didn’t want to or did an especially great job). Do things in the bedroom because you want to, not because you have to or because you expect a lot of thanks.

Other important don’ts to know

A major don’t for sex is focusing on the end result and not on the journey. Other don’ts to know include:

  • Engaging in rough sex or play without talking to your partner. Safe words that can indicate when you’ve gone too far exist for a reason. Establish one if the line is crossed between pleasure and pain.
  • Letting distractions in. No texting, phone answering, or stopping to check the score of a game.
  • Calling your partner by another name. This one speaks for itself.
  • Staying completely silent. From moans to words of encouragement, letting your partner know you’re into it can go a long way.

Men and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) describes a symptom of several common but treatable problems. ED occurs when a man has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection that can sustain sexual intercourse. It’s a complex condition because there are many contributing factors, including blood flow, nerve function, hormones, and more.

An estimated 50 percent of men in their 50s have mild to moderate ED, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This number goes up by 10 percent for every new decade of life. For instance, an estimated 80 percent of men in their 80s will experience some degree of ED.

If you’re experiencing any degree of ED, you should talk to your primary care doctor or urologist. There are several steps you can take to treat ED, not all of which involve taking medicines.

Lifestyle changes can help treat ED

  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Take steps to reduce stress in life. Try exercising, meditating, or doing activities you enjoy.
  • Quit smoking or abusing any illegal drugs or drugs that aren’t prescribed to you.
  • Get enough rest at night.
  • Lose weight if you’re overweight.
  • Seek counseling if your ED is triggered by stress, anxiety, or tension. You may also consider couple’s counseling if your ED is creating strain between you and your partner.

Schedule a regular check-up with your doctor to monitor for any health conditions that could affect erectile dysfunction, such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels. At this appointment, you can also review the medications you’re taking to identify if there are any that might be affecting your sexual health. While you shouldn’t discontinue any medicines without a doctor’s review, alternate medicines with fewer side effects may be available.

Medical treatments are also available for ED

There are medications available to increase blood flow to the penis. Examples of these include sildenafil (Viagra), avanafil (Stendra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra). Each medicine isn’t without its side effects, so it’s important to review these carefully.

Hormone replacement therapies can treat low testosterone. These treatments can include a topical gel, patches, or injections.

Prescription medications are available that can be injected using a very fine needle into the side or base of your penis. This may be an alternative option if you can’t take ED medications due to a condition such as heart or liver disease.

Use of a vacuum erection device can encourage greater blood flow to your penis.

A device known as a penis pump can be implanted into your penis to allow you to achieve an erection. However, this is usually only recommended after other treatments and lifestyle changes have failed.

The takeaway

Sex is an important part of a man’s life and health, and age doesn’t have to change that. The most important key to a healthy sex life at any decade is communication with your partner. Honest, open communication about what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, and how you make each other feel is the key to better sex. Finding out what those are via communication can lead to one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 1)

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 1)

Humans are sexual beings, and when something is wrong with our sexuality, it can cause us a lot of stress and discomfort.

Luckily, regardless of what challenge you are facing with your sexuality right now, everything can be fixed, and you can master your sexuality at any stage of your life.

You can even take your sexuality to a higher level than you ever thought was even possible if you’ll master the six sex secrets I’m going to tell you about right now.

I’ll share with you what I consider to be the six areas of male sexuality that every man must work on if he wants to master his sexuality and unleash his full sexual potential.

But here is a disclaimer before we dive in: To master male sexuality, you need to work on each one of the six areas, and it may take many years and a lot of hard work for some man, but it’s a worthy journey.

1. Sexual Mindset Mastery

Your mindset is the gateway to mastering your sexuality because everything starts with your mindset. If you don’t take care of your mindset first, no technique or supplement will help you because the mind is more potent than any male enhancement you may ever buy online.

I know that because I worked with many men, and I helped men from all over the world overcome premature ejaculation, become better lovers, solve erection challenges, and even stop porn addictions.

And time and time again, I’ve seen that the solution usually starts with working on the mindset, so before you try to solve your sexual challenge with a trick, technique, devices, or supplements. First, pay attention to your mindset and your thoughts.

Because sometimes, all the difference in the world starts from merely changing how you think about the world – just think about it.

2. Total Ejaculation Control

Premature ejaculation in men is my area of expertise, I started Vibrating Love to teach men how to last longer in bed, so there is a lot to be said on this topic, but I’ll try to sum it up for you.

It does not matter if you are the most beautiful guy in the neighborhood or if you have a huge dick or if you can give the best oral sex or finger like a pro any woman to an intense orgasm.

As long as you won’t be able to control your ejaculation until your partner enjoys her orgasm from a simple penetration, she will never be happy with you sexually, so make sure you achieve total ejaculation control.

The good news is that usually premature ejaculation is caused by masturbating the wrong way (generally to porn). And if you invest the time doing the right things, it’s easy to master your ejaculation control and get this challenge solved once and for all.

3. Penis Empowerment Principles

The penis is a very interesting thing, and some even say that it has a mind of its own. I think that it’s right in a way because almost every man has made some stupid decisions in his life because he was thinking with his penis.

Did it ever happen to you or maybe to someone you know intimately?

The good news is that if you have an erection problem and everything is ok with your overall health. It can be easy and fast to make your erection robust, lasting, and reliable again.

And if you have a small penis and you insist on enlarging it because you think you just can’t live with a small penis anymore, remember that you can make it bigger naturally without any surgery, it just takes longer and some work on your part.

But I suggest that you first try to learn to live it with it and work on your mindset and self-image and only in the end if you still want to make it bigger, go about it in a natural way and with a coach.

So if you ever worried about your penis, you should not worry anymore because this is what the PEGYM community is for, and if this is a challenge that you are facing right now in your life, then you are at the right place.

About the Author:

David Finer is the man behind VibratingLove.com. He was written extensively on matters related to male enhancement and sexuality, and has written this article specifically for PEGym members looking to get a better understanding of their overall sexuality. You can find the second part of the article here.

The Bullied 2 Badass™ Podcast: Episode 20 – AJ “Big Al” Alfaro Part 2

The Bullied 2 Badass™ Podcast: Episode 20 – AJ “Big Al” Alfaro Part 2

T.W. Durfy

Today on The Bullied 2 Badass™ Podcast I had the pleasure of connecting once again to the one and only AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, a pioneer in the field of Natural Male Enhancement. We dive deep into the mental aspects of self-confidence and how you can feel better about yourself and your body immediately.

Please Watch Here:

Stamina Training & Sexual Performance: Ask The Experts

Stamina Training & Sexual Performance: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about Stamina Training & Sexual Performance.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q.  Big Al, I have a few questions concerning my stamina workout and sexual performance…

1) This one doesn’t matter if it’s with a woman. I read that I should masturbate up to couple of seconds before ejaculating. Is that how it should be done or when I feel that the end is about to come – my pelvic floor starts tensing and I know that I’ve lost control over it – when should I stop, first or second ?

2) Are there some positions that you suggest since I need to have full control over the motions?

3) And I understood that I shouldn’t do the stop and starts if I have sex more than three times a week?

4) Since in the past I managed easily to get erection after finishing once or just maintaining it , is it bad to cum 3 to 4 times per evening when with a partner ?

5) And when cumming 3 or 4 times do you suggest doing the Stop and Start each time or just the first time ?

Big Al: Thanks for your questions! I’ve answered them in the order they were received:

1) Performing the techniques of the Stop and Starts during sexual activity is a superior practice to the manual version, but also more difficult to control. You’ll need to experiment with learning how you feel when you’re building up to ejaculation. If your pelvic floor begins to flutter this is a good sign you’re getting close. Slowing/stopping at this time should allow you to hold off ejaculation/orgasm. Learning when to stop and the timing in which you Kegel in reference to approaching the PONR is going to take practice.

2) Missionary position allows you maximum control, and when performed correctly is often the preferred position for giving a woman orgasms.

3) You should limit the MANUAL Stop and Starts as per the “60 Minute Rule” outlined in the Stamina Exercises section. You can have as much sexual contact as you can handle, but please be aware that sex can be considered a form of training. If you’re engaging in a lot of sex (several hours a day, multiple days per week) this will cut into your recovery. You may need to take extra days off between your enlargement sessions to account for this. Compound this with other types of training and you can see how you’ll need to optimize your recovery if you wish to be able to handle it all.

4) If you can recover enough to engage in 3 to 4 bouts of sexual activity per evening then more power to you 🙂

5) Practicing during live sexual activity is different from manual training. I don’t want to place any positive limitations on you (which includes the number of “stops”), but you should ensure you’re attempting to increase your time each session.


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The MeCoach Male Enhancement Coaching Service- For All of Your Male Enhancement Needs

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L-Citrulline and L-Arginine: This One-Two Amino Acid Punch Can Improve Circulation—And Your Love Life!

Scientific studies show the combination of L-Citrulline and L-Arginine increases Nitric Oxide production for cardiovascular, immune boosting, and sexual health benefits!

This article is a repost which originally appeared on US Smart Publications

You have probably heard of the amino acid L-arginine, which is also called simply arginine.It is well known in the nutrition science community for its ability to increase nitric oxide production resulting in a wide variety of health benefits. But you probably have not heard much about its powerful amino acid cousin, L-citrulline, or just citrulline.If you eat at least six cups of watermelon every day then you’re getting an adequate dose of the amino acid citrulline. Citrulline’s name is actually derived from the Latin word for watermelon—citrullus—because it was first isolated from the fruit in 1930.1

What does L-Citrulline and L-Arginine do?

Together they help:

– Support cardiovascular health by boosting nitric oxide production and helping blood flow more easily throughout the body

– Support healthy blood pressure and boost the immune system

– Detoxify the liver and eliminate ammonia from the body

– Improve sexual stamina and enhance recovery from an intense workout

Who might benefit from taking a supplement containing
both citrulline and arginine?

– Anyone who wants to support healthy blood pressure Individuals who want to avoid angina (chest pain)

– Individuals who want to avoid leg pain due to poor blood circulation

– Anyone who wants protection from heart attack and stroke

– Men suffering from erectile dysfunction

– Athletes who want a faster recovery

How are citrulline and arginine related?

As soon as citrulline enters the kidney, vascular endothelium and other tissues, it is converted into arginine. Plasma and tissue levels of arginine increase, which is necessary for the production of nitric oxide and relaxation of blood vessels. An additional benefit of supplemental citrulline is that it helps eliminate ammonia, a highly toxic substance, from the liver.

Will citrulline and arginine help my sex life?

The answer is yes. Arginine has been well studied for its ability to enhance sexual satisfaction. Both men and women report longer and more intense orgasms when their intake of arginine increases. Additionally, arginine is often used by men to achieve long lasting and harder erections. Since citrulline is a precursor for arginine and arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, you can combine the two for enhanced sexual pleasure and vascular health.

But you’re probably not eating six cups of watermelon every day, and actually it isn’t recommended. Watermelon is high in fructose (fruit sugar) and it’s a natural diuretic, so you’d be spending a whole lot of time in the bathroom.

In addition to watermelon, citrulline is found in cucumbers and cantaloupe, at very low levels, as well as the milk protein casein. But since it is a nonessential amino acid, you don’t have to rely on getting citrulline from food. It is manufactured from other nutrients in your body, however, you only manufacture it if you are young and healthy and producing those other essential nutrients in adequate amounts!

The citrulline and arginine combination plays an essential role in your body

Citrulline, like arginine, is important in vasodilation, the widening of blood vessels, resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls, especially in the large arteries and veins and smaller arterioles.

The endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax. This results in a relaxing of the blood vessels, and increased blood flow.

In the body, citrulline is converted to the amino acid arginine, which goes on to make another important substance—nitric oxide. When citrulline enters the kidney, vascular endothelium and other tissues, it can be readily converted to arginine, thus raising plasma and tissue levels of arginine and enhancing nitric oxide production.2

The importance of nitric oxide to healthy blood flow

As stated, nitric oxide is integral to relaxing blood vessels which is necessary for healthy blood flow to the heart and genital area in both men and women, and throughout the body. Nitric oxide helps the blood vessels maintain their flexibility so that the blood flow is unrestricted. This, in turn, helps maintain healthy blood pressure, and a healthy sexual response.

When your vascular system is working efficiently there is less chance that a blood clot will form, which means there is less chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Nitric oxide helps prevent blood clots because it prevents blood aggregation or platelets from becoming sticky. When platelets are not sticky they can move in a single file through the capillaries.

But if they are sticking together it’s like trying to move a dozen people through a crack in the wall. There is nowhere for the platelets to go, so a blood clot forms.

Additionally, nitric oxide works as an antioxidant that reduces the possibility of immune cells adhering to artery walls. This helps keep down inflammation,
which most health professionals agree is a major cause of the plaque formation that contributes to atherosclerosis.

What inhibits adequate nitric oxide production?

– People who have atherosclerosis, diabetes or hypertension (high bloodpressure) often show impaired nitric oxide pathways.3

– Over-consumption of salt can impair nitric oxide production.4

– Aging—as we get older there is a decrease in nitric oxide production because the body makes less citrulline and arginine.5

Boosting nitric oxide production with nutritional supplements

Supplemental arginine helps the body produce more nitric oxide, and it helps with conditions that improve when blood vessels are relaxed, such as atherosclerosis and intermittent claudication (difficulty walking due to pain in leg muscles because of inadequate blood supply).

Even more importantly, new studies are showing that supplemental citrulline also assists in nitric oxide production by boosting blood levels of arginine. It does this because it is more readily absorbed and bioavailable than arginine alone, and it bypasses metabolism in the liver and gastrointestinal tract and is readily absorbed in the kidneys.6, 7

Citrulline and arginine scientific studies

In the first study to show that oral supplementation with citrulline raises blood levels of arginine, 20 healthy volunteers were given 6 different dosing regimens of placebo, citrulline, and arginine.

After one week of oral supplementation, the citrulline dose increased plasma arginine concentration more effectively than arginine alone.8

A study in humans also showed the citrulline supplementation’s “time release” effect on arginine production. In this study an oral dose of 3.8 grams of citrulline resulted in a 227% peak increase in plasma arginine levels after 4 hours, compared with a 90% peak increase with the same dose of arginine.7,9

Thus, acute oral administration of citrulline appears to be considerably more efficient at raising plasma levels of arginine over the long term than arginine itself.7

Reduces blood pressure

In another recent study, citrulline supplementation was shown to reduce blood pressure in 17 young (average age 21.6 years) men with normal blood pressure after they were submitted to a cold pressor test (CPT). (A cold pressor test is a cardiovascular test done by having the subject immerse his hand into a bucket of ice water for one minute. Blood pressure and heart rate are then evaluated.)

Even more importantly, new studies are showing that supplemental citrulline also assists in nitric oxide production by boosting blood levels of arginine.

The men were randomly assigned to four weeks of oral citrulline (6 grams/day) or placebo in a crossover design. Blood pressure was measured after the blood pressor test. The results showed that compared to placebo, oral citrulline decreased brachial systolic blood pressure (-6 +/- 11 mm Hg), aortic systolic blood pressure (-4 +/- 10 mm Hg), and aortic pulse pressure (-3 +/- 6 mm Hg) during CPT but not at rest, suggesting improved production of nitric oxide under stress.10

Boosts immune system function

Citrulline’s beneficial effects on nitric oxide were also demonstrated in a group of male professional cyclists who took 6 grams of oral citrulline before a race. Researchers found that the racers’ levels of arginine increased, as well as their neutrophil immune cells.11

Citrulline’s enhancement of immunity may benefit endurance athletes as it has long been noted that immune defenses drop after an intense athletic event, increasing susceptibility to infection.12
Pharmaceutical drugs that stimulate nitric oxide production

Of course “Big Pharma” has developed a number of drugs that work to increase the production of nitric oxide in the body, but as usual they don’t work with the body like natural amino acids do and they are loaded with side effects.

Nitroglycerin and amyl nitrite serve as vasodilators because they are converted to nitric oxide in the body.

Sildenafil citrate, popularly known as Viagra®, stimulates erections primarily by enhancing signaling through the nitric oxide pathway in the penis.

But as mentioned, these drugs come with a long list of side effects, including headache, vision impairment, flushing, and rare but serious effects including heart attack and stroke.

Taking supplemental citrulline in combination with arginine is a great way to relax your blood vessels and avoid plaque build-up without drug side effects.
What to look for in a supplement

For each gram consumed, citrulline is more effective at raising nitric oxide levels (in vascular endothelium) than arginine alone. This is because approximately 50% of the arginine gets converted into other amino acids by the intestines and the liver. As the conversion of citrulline to arginine is not immediate, arginine will provide faster results.

As a convenient daily supplement in capsule form, citrulline is the best choice. This is because 6 grams (6,000 miligrams) of arginine is required to gain benefits. For those wanting to avoid swallowing a hand full of capsules, look for an arginine drink mix. Avoid pure arginine powder as the taste is awful, and the pH can burn the throat.

Taken together, you can get an immediate boost of nitric oxide production from the arginine, while allowing the citrulline time to produce additional arginine, for prolonged nitric oxide production.

This one-two punch of arginine and citrulline is a promising treatment for cardiovascular disease involving arginine deficiencies, reduced nitric oxide availability, and vascular dysfunction.

Together, citrulline and arginine supplementation is a natural and safe means of providing your body arginine, both short and long term. This combination can increase the natural production of nitric oxide, help reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke, boost your immune system, and improve your love live, all without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
How are citrulline and arginine related?

As soon as citrulline enters the kidney, vascular endothelium and other tissues, it is converted into arginine. Plasma and tissue levels of arginine increase, which is necessary for the production of nitric oxide and relaxation of blood vessels.

An additional benefit of supplemental citrulline is that it helps eliminate ammonia, a highly toxic substance, from the liver.
Will citrulline and arginine help my sex life?

The answer is yes. Arginine has been well studied for its ability to enhance sexual satisfaction. Both men and women report longer and more intense orgasms when their intake of arginine increases. Additionally, arginine is often used by men to achieve long lasting and harder erections.

Since citrulline is a precursor for arginine and arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, you can combine the two for enhanced sexual pleasure and vascular health.

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In-Depth stamina Training Questions: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about Lengthening Devices, Client Study & Sexual Recovery/Training in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. By the time I’m done I’m tired and it’s a struggle to get the proper erection levels.

…Can I just do the stamina stuff first? Why do you recommend doing stamina exercises at the end of a workout?

Big Al: There are deliberate reasons for putting the stamina exercises at the end of a workout:

-Stamina exercises in and of themselves become better ENLARGEMENT exercises after the tissues have been pre-stretched with more traditional enlargement exercises like Squeezes and stretches.

-If one can get to the point to where they can perform a successful stamina session after a thorough enlargement workout, then performing fresh for sexual activity will be much less of a challenge. This is true on physical and psychological levels.

-The Stop and Starts usually ends in ejaculation. Ejaculating and then attempting to train immediately afterwards can be uncomfortable.

Q. When you talk about emotional visualizations and not fantasizing about sex, this makes it harder for me to perform.

…What is your reasoning behind this? Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Big Al: It’s understandable that using erotic imagery- porn or mental fantasies- make the process of getting and maintaining an erection easier. The main reason why you want to ensure you’re not using erotic imagery in your training is that it creates a conditioning effect.

Here’s a very common example: You’re having sex and your penis starts to falter in it’s erection a bit. You go into your mind and think about whatever you typically use to masturbate to- a favorite porn clip, a prior scenario, etc. What normally happens is you achieve the desired effect- your penis gets erect, and you finish the session.

Afterwards, you ask yourself why do I have to think about other things when I’m with a live partner? As before, the reason is conditioning. By learning to develop focus on what you’re feeling during manual Stop and Starts, you learn to extract maximum sensory benefit from the activity. That way, when you’re engaging in live sexual activity you’ll be able to focus solely on your partner and not have to rely on mental erotic imagery.

There’s an exception to this rule. If you’re in a committed relationship you can fantasize about your partner. That way, you’re matching up what’s in your mind to reality.

Q. I find it’s easier to maintain an erection if I perform a lot of Kegels during my Stop and Starts.

…Is this OK?

Big Al: A well timed Kegel can be useful in helping to hold back or accelerate erections. When the process is refined, it can even allow one to experience Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). Even the occasional Kegels during the movement to give your erection a boost is OK, but you don’t want to spend the entire Stop and Starts session Kegeling.

One reason is overtraining. If you follow a standard stamina protocol you’re going to be performing Kegels before your Stop and Starts. A more vital reason is negative conditioning. MANY who’ve Kegeled excessively during Stop and Starts eventually find they have to Kegel constantly just to maintain an erection. For obvious reasons, this isn’t a requirement you want to impose upon yourself.

Bathmate Introduces New Vibrating Cock Rings


Bathmate Vibe RingsBathmate has introduced 4 new, vibrating cock rings to their awesome product line up! Add a fun new twist to your bedroom play this holiday season!

What a fun stocking stuffer!

Bathmate’s new and improved ElastomexTM formula, combined with a small yet powerful 3-speed vibrating bullet, allows you and your partner to feel every vibration.

Designed with enhanced stimulation in mind, the Bathmate Vibe Ring range will boost your power, performance and pleasure.

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All Bathmate Vibe Rings:

  • Include a powerful, 3-speed vibrating bullet – so you and your partner can customize the sensation.
  • Are USB rechargeable – so you never have to worry about not having batteries!
  • Include a discreet, storage bag.

The four Bathmate Vibe Ring models are:

The Tickle: Bathmate Vibrating Cock Ring

Bathmate tickle vibrating cock ringThe Tickle is Bathmate’s most intimate ring yet. With its unique texture, it’s designed for intense
stimulation for both you and your partner. It can be worn facing upwards or downwards to hit the desired spot.

The Eight: Bathmate Vibrating Cock Ring

The eight bathmate vibrating cockringThe Eight is designed to heighten pleasure by constricting the flow of blood, making for bigger, longer lasting, rock hard erections. The increased sensitivity of the penis will intensify your orgasm, leaving you and your partner more satisfied than ever before.

The Strength: Bathmate Vibrating Cock Ring

the strength bathmate vibrating cock ringThe unique construction of The Strength heightens pleasure by constricting the flow of blood, making for bigger, longer lasting, rock hard erections. The increased sensitivity of the penis will intensify your orgasm, leaving you and your partner more satisfied than ever before.

The Stretch: Bathmate Vibrating Cock Ring

the stretch bathmate vibrating cock ringThe Stretch is designed to imitate the tightening sensation felt just prior to climax. By resisting the natural contraction of the scrotum the Stretch provides you with a longer lasting, more powerful orgasm.