Assisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise

Following are step-by-step video instructions, followed by written instructions, on how to perform the Assisted A-Stretch. This penis enlargement exercise is a modified version of the A-Stretch. You’ll use a cylindrical object, such as a Red Bull can, a thick diameter PVC pipe, or even your own forearm (as you’ll see in the video) to perform this stretch.

Assisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise Video Instructions

Erection level: 0 to 50 percent

Recommended Reps: 5

Assisted A-Stretch Step-by-Step

The Exercise:
1. Grip the penis approximately one inch below the glans and pull straight out from the body.

2. Place the cylindrical object below the penis and stretch the penis over the object, while simultaneously pushing up on the object.

3. Hold for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Erect Stretch

The Erect Stretch enlarges the penis by stretching the penis’s erect tissues. Results from users of the erect stretch include both flaccid-stretched length gains and erect length gains. However, due to the nature of the erect stretch, please be cautious when performing this exercise. Because of their intensity, these are an advanced exercise for men who have been doing penis exercises for at least six months.Continue reading

Penis Stretch Penis Exercise Videos: Learn How to Do Penis Stretches

The penis stretch is the cornerstone for most male enhancement routines. However, simply reading how to do an exercise is often difficult. Are you doing the penis stretches correctly? Words alone are sometimes confusing. Because of this, this is why instructional videos are a great resource! You can actually SEE how the exercise is being done. Only by doing the exercise correctly, can you be effective.

Following are video instructions on two of our best penis enlargement exercises for penis stretches. Most noteworthy are the Basic Penis Stretch and the Tension Stretch, because they are two of the most effective and efficient stretches out there. Plus, they’re two of the easiest stretches to learn!

Basic Penis Stretch for Enlargement

Following, you’ll find video instructions on how to perform the Basic Penis Stretch.

The Basic Stretch/JAI Stretch Video- Click Here

Tension Penis Stretch Exercise

Following, you’ll find video instructions on how to perform the Tension Penis Stretch.

More Penis Stretching Videos

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If you’d like more video instructional guides for penis enlargement exercises, check out our Penis Exercise Video Guide. Here you’ll find links to LOTS of instructional videos on our most popular penis exercises, including jelqing videos and girth increase videos. Similarly, these videos demonstrate the proper technique for these male enhancement exercises.

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This is the seventh installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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JAI Stretch

JAI stretch penis exercise

There are many different stretches, each one a little different from the next. In fact, almost every length penile exercise is based on some form of stretching. The JAI Stretch is another beginner penis enlargement stretch that you can do whenever you get a few minutes of privacy (along with basic penis stretching).Continue reading

Bundled Stretch

Penis Exercise Bundled Stretch

This article explains the basics of the bundled stretch and its many functions. This article also informs the reader what previous experience is required to properly perform the bundled stretch and the many purposes for its use and reasons why the bundled stretch can be very effective in breaking plateaus. Hence, this article is an excellent way to help you break out of beginner penis exercising techniques.

Penis Exercise How to Do the Bundled StretchContinue reading