Side to Sides & Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Side to Sides & Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Erect Kegel pauses, rest in the stretched state & tool use.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. I’m interested in testing out the Side to Sides stretch for length.

All I’ve done before is high rep jelqing. Can I start with high reps for the Side to Sides? How long can I use them for?

Al: It would be good to test out 100 reps of the Side to Sides in your initial session. If you’re starting with any new exercise, start on the low end of the rep plan. You can always adjust upwards with your reps.  A good rule of thumb is to add anywhere between 5-10 percent volume per session for this exercise- at least until you get to 500 reps or more- then stay at ~5% per session.

The Side to Sides usually work well for 1-2 cycles. From there, more intense movements are needed to bust the almost inevitable plateau. That being said, we can keep using it for as long as you see fit to.

Q. I have sex one to days a week with my girlfriend.

The sex is quite good already but how can I get better at it and grow in confidence? I’m especially vulnerable to ejaculating too soon when I penetrate although I can get it up later.

Al: The best way to improve is to practice. Get more time and confidence with penetration, and you’ll develop mastery.

Something which can offer more immediate help is to ejaculate/orgasm LIGHTLY early in your encounter. This will mean stopping or pulling out during the act. The harder your orgasm the longer your refractory period, and the reverse is also true.

Practicing the manual Stop and Starts is your best alternative to live sexual contact if you need more training.

The Ultimate Penis Extender modification | DIY for a better device

The Ultimate Penis Extender modification | DIY for a better device

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In this video, TotalMan discusses a DIY penis extender modification.

In this video I show you how to modify your penis extender in strap form. Whether it is the Male Edge, the Size Genetics, X4, you can apply this modification to make it way more effective, more comfortable and safer.

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The Tension Stretch

The Tension Stretch

The Tension Stretch is a relatively intense static stretch movement.  It’s best performed by advanced trainees.

How to perform the Tension Stretch:

Step 1

Your penis should be flaccid for this exercise.  Grasp your penis firmly behind the head and wrap your other hand around the first hand for support.

Step 2

Pull forward SLOWLY while leaning back for a count of 10 to maximum tension. NOTE- Start off with a moderate level of tension if you’re new to this stretch- and slowly build up in force over time!

Step 3

Once you’ve achieved the maximum amount of tension that you can tolerate, hold for 10 seconds.

Step 4

Release tension and start again.

Step 5

Finish of with a good soak in a warm tub.

Do 10 repetitions of this exercise at first, then work up to 100 maximum per day (most advanced trainees need less than 50). Typically, this stretch is most effective when done by stretching your penis towards the floor and slightly away from your body. You may want to experiment with different directions of stretch to see which direction works best for you.

The Tension Stretch Tip

  • When performing the Tension Stretch, do it while sitting. Using the edge of the chair as a background reference point, try to pull enough so that you can see a noticeable stretch taking place.

* One way of making this exercise even more intense would be to press down on the ligaments at the base of the penis while you’re performing the stretch. Take caution when doing this for the first time, and slowly build intensity on this part over subsequent sessions.

The Tension Stretch Video

Unassisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise

The A-Stretch is a type of “fulcrum” stretch. Fulcrum stretches are considered excellent for targeting the shaft for length- as opposed to the basal ligaments. This stretch is best performed with the penis in a flaccid state.

This exercise requires the use of both hands.

Unassisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise Video Instructions


The Exercise:

Step 1: .Hand 1: Grip the penis an inch below the glans and pull straight out.  Be sure to retract any skin away from the glans before setting your grip.

Step 2. Hand 2: Place your arm underneath the stretched penis.

Step 3. Hand 2: Grab the wrist of arm 1. (For more force, push upwards with your entire arm.)

Step 4. Hold for 20-30 seconds for each repetition.

The recommend beginning repetition count for this exercise is 5.

You can use an implement like a can to perform the “Assisted” version of this exercise.

Turkey Neck; Length Focus; Scheduling: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about turkey neck, length focus, and scheduling in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.


Q. I’m starting to get a bit of a turkey neck.

What can I do to prevent this from getting worse?

Big Al: One can work on turkey neck minimization and even reversal by using a hand at the base encircling the base of the penis to ensure the scrotal webbing doesn’t get pulled forward. In extreme case, dry “reverse” style jelqs can help with this as well.


Q. I want to focus on length for awhile but am worried about losing girth gains.

Is it possible to keep and even make girth gains with just stretching only?

Big Al: In reality, there’s no TRULY exclusive length or girth movement. Stretches do have an impact on the tunica- which has an effect on length, and even though a “pure” girth movement like the Squeeze isolates the aspect of girth very well there’s still going to be an effect on the tunica which can yield length gains.


Q. Because of my schedule I don’t get to train as often as I like.

Sometimes I only get to train once a week. Can this hurt my progress?

Big Al: While it’s possible to get good results from more abbreviated routines, consistency is going to be vital if you wish to make gains. At some point, if the training frequency gets too spread out then the momentum for gains will be lost. If the workouts are very spread out, conditioning can decline.

You should take inventory of your daily tasks to see where you can eliminate frivolous activities in order to make time for training. Even if you have to wake up a bit early to fit your training in, if you want it badly enough you’ll find a way to make time.

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Internal Stretch Penis Exercise

Internal Stretch Penis Exercise

The Internal Stretch focuses on stretching the inner penis—the part of the penis that is inside the body.

Erection level: 0 to 50 percent.

Recommended Reps: 5

Internal Stretch Step-by-Step

The Exercise: This exercise uses two hands.

1. Sit down and spread your legs apart.

2. Hand 1: Place an OK-grip around your penis and your scrotum. This grip should be at the base, with your penis and testicles hanging out of the grip. Don’t grip the actual testicles.

Penis Exercise Internal Stretch 1

3. Hand 1: Stretch your penis and testicles straight up, towards your head.

Penis Exercise Internal Stretch 2

4. Hand 2: Simultaneously grip your penis an inch below the glans and also pull straight up.

Penis Exercise Internal Stretch 3

5. Hold both hands in place for twenty to thirty seconds

For a different variation of this exercise: See this thread from our penis forums (posted by user “Russ”).

A-Stretch Penis Exercise: Video and Pictorial Instructions

a-stretch penis exercise

Step-by-step instructions and videos of the A-Stretch.

A-Stretch Penis Exercise Video Instructions

Erection level: 0 to 50 percent

Recommended Reps: 5

A-Stretch Step-by-Step

This exercise uses two hands.

1 .Hand 1: Grip the penis an inch below the glans and pull straight out.

a-stretch penis exercise 1

 2. Hand 2: Place your arm underneath the stretched penis.

a-stretch penis exercise 2

3. Hand 2: Grab the wrist of arm 1. (For more force, push upwards with your entire arm.)

a-stretch penis exercise 3

4. Hold for twenty to thirty seconds.

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