Penis Clamping Step-By-Step

Learn how to do the advanced method of penis clamping step-by-step. Before you start, though, you should have at least 6 months of regular penis exercising under your belt as clamping can be dangerous otherwise.

1. To begin penis clamping, stimulate your penis to erection.

If you prefer, you can put the clamp on at a lower erection and then build an erection once the clamp is in place.

2. Wrap the base of your penis.

The best wraps are soft and help protect your penis from the hard clamp.

3. Place clamp over wrap and tighten.

The clamp should be as close to the pubic bone as possible. Stimulate the penis to the highest erection possible. Without causing any pain or discomfort, tighten the clamp as tight as possible. Once it’s tightened, you can increase the intensity by kegeling blood into your penis.

penis clamp penis with penis clamp on
The Clamp On The Clamp On — Side Angle

4. Leave penis clamped for desired amount of time.

If you are new to clamping, leave your penis clamped for no more than five minutes. You should never experience pain when clamping. If you experience pain, release the clamp immediately.

penis after penis clamping for ten minutes
Post Clamping – 10 Minutes After

This is the second installment of the Clamping Guide.

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