Side to Sides & Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Side to Sides & Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Erect Kegel pauses, rest in the stretched state & tool use.

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Q. I’m interested in testing out the Side to Sides stretch for length.

All I’ve done before is high rep jelqing. Can I start with high reps for the Side to Sides? How long can I use them for?

Al: It would be good to test out 100 reps of the Side to Sides in your initial session. If you’re starting with any new exercise, start on the low end of the rep plan. You can always adjust upwards with your reps.  A good rule of thumb is to add anywhere between 5-10 percent volume per session for this exercise- at least until you get to 500 reps or more- then stay at ~5% per session.

The Side to Sides usually work well for 1-2 cycles. From there, more intense movements are needed to bust the almost inevitable plateau. That being said, we can keep using it for as long as you see fit to.

Q. I have sex one to days a week with my girlfriend.

The sex is quite good already but how can I get better at it and grow in confidence? I’m especially vulnerable to ejaculating too soon when I penetrate although I can get it up later.

Al: The best way to improve is to practice. Get more time and confidence with penetration, and you’ll develop mastery.

Something which can offer more immediate help is to ejaculate/orgasm LIGHTLY early in your encounter. This will mean stopping or pulling out during the act. The harder your orgasm the longer your refractory period, and the reverse is also true.

Practicing the manual Stop and Starts is your best alternative to live sexual contact if you need more training.

The Flexing Girth Exercise

The Flexing Girth Exercise

The Flexing Girth Exercise is an advanced girth compound movement which combines manual enlargement with Kegels.

NOTE– You must have a full erection and lubrication for this exercise.

Step 1


Either stroke or pump your penis to a full erection..

Step 2


Once you have reached a full erection, grip your penis 1 inch from the base, estimate as best you can.

Step 3


Hold your penis with your thumb and the first two fingers of your hand.

Step 4


Flex your PC muscle (kegel), and hold it for a two count.

Step 5


Using your grip hand, apply pressure to the penis. (You will notice that the portion of the penis beyond your grip gets larger until you relax your grip.)

Step 6


Relax your grip as you relax your PC muscle.

Step 7


Repeat step 3 three to five times, depending on what you are comfortable with. Then slide your hand one inch down the penis and repeat step 3, with the same number of repetitions.

Step 8


Do this until you reach the glans. Once you have reached the head you should either go backwards by one inch increments until you reach your starting point, or start again from the beginning. Once your PC muscle cannot flex hard anymore you can stop the exercise.

At any point if your PC muscle is too weak to continue, stop for the day and note how many repetitions you did. Keeping track of this is good for your PC strength progress as well.

Tip For Future Growth

  • As your PC gets stronger you will be able to continue the exercise for longer periods, but do not exceed the normal three to five minutes for total exercise time unless you are an advanced user and continuing your program after months of work.

The Flexing Girth video

The Tension Stretch

The Tension Stretch

The Tension Stretch is a relatively intense static stretch movement.  It’s best performed by advanced trainees.

How to perform the Tension Stretch:

Step 1

Your penis should be flaccid for this exercise.  Grasp your penis firmly behind the head and wrap your other hand around the first hand for support.

Step 2

Pull forward SLOWLY while leaning back for a count of 10 to maximum tension. NOTE- Start off with a moderate level of tension if you’re new to this stretch- and slowly build up in force over time!

Step 3

Once you’ve achieved the maximum amount of tension that you can tolerate, hold for 10 seconds.

Step 4

Release tension and start again.

Step 5

Finish of with a good soak in a warm tub.

Do 10 repetitions of this exercise at first, then work up to 100 maximum per day (most advanced trainees need less than 50). Typically, this stretch is most effective when done by stretching your penis towards the floor and slightly away from your body. You may want to experiment with different directions of stretch to see which direction works best for you.

The Tension Stretch Tip

  • When performing the Tension Stretch, do it while sitting. Using the edge of the chair as a background reference point, try to pull enough so that you can see a noticeable stretch taking place.

* One way of making this exercise even more intense would be to press down on the ligaments at the base of the penis while you’re performing the stretch. Take caution when doing this for the first time, and slowly build intensity on this part over subsequent sessions.

The Tension Stretch Video

Real Penis Enlargement

Real Penis Enlargement

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In this video, TotalMan teaches you what you need to increase the size of your penis once and for all.


The Viking’s Kegel/Squeeze

Viking’s Kegel/Squeeze

This particular advanced girth movement combined the Kegel exercise for maximum penis expansion and training efficiency.


Step 1: Encircle your 3/4 erect penis at its base with your thumb and forefinger against the pubic bone, (this puts the little finger facing the glans) and just before you squeeze, Kegel strongly and force more blood into the penis.

Take care to work up to the force needed for this kegel!

Step 2: Squeeze and hold for 7 to 10 seconds and relax for 30 seconds.

Step 3: This cycle is repeated for 5 to 10 minutes every other day, 3-4 times a week.

The “Kegel/squeeze” helps three ways:

1. It pumps more blood into the penis.

2. It keeps the part of the penis BELOW your grip engorged, under pressure, built up.

3. It exercises your PC muscle.

Courtesy of “Blonde Viking”

Viking’s Kegel/Squeeze video:

Is there a best method and products for penis enlargement? Part 2

Is there a best method and products for penis enlargement? Part 2

Article courtesy of ZenHanger

Penis pumping

Penis pumping is often very misunderstood and confused as only being for guys with ED. This is not the case. Pumping has been proven to help with both short term temporary gains and long term gains when a pumping schedule is committed to long term. Pumping can help with both penis length and girth gains but girth is the main function of pumping routine. It is highly recommended that you use a pump with gauge on it. One of the biggest mistakes of people pumping is over pumping and creating injuries. Investing in an electronic penis pump that regulates the pressure for you in the best choice when committing to a long term penis pumping schedule.

Penis Clamping

The practice of penis clamping is an advanced technique but can be one of the most effective girth exercises in a penis enlargement routine. Penis clamping can be done as a stand alone exercise to increase girth or added to your penis weight hanging routine to increase length and girth over time. By restricting blood flow out of the erect penis and using keggle exercises (pelvic floor clench) to pump blood in, you will increase the amount of blood your erect penis is able to hold, and therefore increasing the girth of your penis over time. This is a proven method of increasing girth when you dedicate to a clamping routine. Penis clamping can be a more effective than penis pumping when done correctly because you are in control of the amount of pressure and blood flow you apply rather than forced pressure from a pump. If you are new to clamping please do your research and ease into your routine. Working your way up to a 5 – 10 minute clamping session per day can produce excellent results in a reasonable amount of time. If you are new to girth work a combination of penis pumping and clamping is a great way to ease into and train for a girth routine as you get used to clamping.

Penis Growth Supplements

This is a very sensitive area and 99% of everything is this group is mostly a gimmick looking to take advantage of insecurities and our natural want for instant results. There is no pill that is going to make your dick grow bigger than its natural size overnight or in a week or in a month. There is one penis supplement that has been on the market for a while now that has been getting great reviews and results. Zen hanger volume and recovery pills are not to be confused with other “penis enlargement” pills on the market. Those pills are gimmicks and full of fake and misleading promises. Zen Hanger Volume and Recovery pills are formulated to help you recovery fast from your enlargement routine and can also have some great added benefits such as increases size and significant increase in semen production. A key benefit of this supplement is increased blood flow which often times results in increased penis size. What this means is that most guys don’t get 100% erections. Some get 85% and some get 95% but most don’t get 100% erection strength. With this blend of supplements, the increased blood flow will help you reach 100% erection on a regular basis. How would you like to increase your penis size by 10 or 15%? You won’t technically be growing your penis bigger you will be utilizing what you already have but most likely are not using 100% of. That means if your normally 6 inches long and 5 inches in circumference and are normally getting a 90% erection and our volume and recovery penis enlargement pills were able to get you to 100% erection strength, your erection would be about a half inch longer and a half inch larger in circumference on a regular basis. 

Patience is the key

It’s important to be patient when using any penis enlargement method or product. Though there are many sites and products that will promise you overnight results, it’s best to approach these with caution. Anything that suggests unrealistically quick results is likely to be a waste of money and could even be harmful. Penis enlargement is all about manipulating a very sensitive and complex part of the body, so patience is incredibly important. Always use advanced caution and work with companies with good reputations that have been in the industry and know what they are talking about.  Penis enlargement is a real thing and very possible with dedication and the right tools and knowledge.