Girth Training Advice: Ask The Experts

Girth Training Advice: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about training the penis for girth.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al

Q. I’ve just started with the Squeeze for my girth workouts and I’ve gotta say I love em!

I’m doing the recommended 70 percent average but I feel I can do much more. Can I try a higher erection for this?

Al: You can use a higher level of erection to make the Squeezes more intense, but you have to be careful with this- since the degree of force needed to manipulated a higher erection increases almost exponentially. If you don’t have the necessary conditioning, you might find the higher erection Squeeze LESS efficient.

*                *                *

Q. You had stated that for jelqs, I should be holding one hand at the base so the skin doesn’t move up with the jelq.

However, isn’t it preferable to start from as far back of the penis as possible? And if I hold that base, I that means I have to start further ahead?

How about instead of holding the base, I just use more lube so that when I’m jelqing, it’s not actually moving up the skin?

Al: You’re correct in that you should be getting the stroking hand as deep into the base as possible. This may require you hold back skin with the other hand and spread your fingers enough to allow the stroking hand to get the proper range of motion.

You can also try using more (thick) lube. IMO, this is preferable as it simplifies the exercise. Please let me know how it goes if you decide to try this.

*                *                *

Q. Why is it that I feel the Squeezes better for me for girth than jelqing even if I use about the same level of EQ?

Aren’t they both for girth?

Al: The Squeeze is considered to be a girth-direct exercise, whereas the jelq is an exercise which can be used for a variety of functions. That being said, even the Squeeze can yield some degree of length gains since the tunica is being expanded. Some have also commented on EQ improvement using Squeezes, though the [light] jelqs are, IMO, better for contributing to more blood flow.

*                *                *

Do you want Al to answer your questions?  Please check out

Advanced Training Questions: Ask The Experts

Advanced Training Questions: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers Advanced Training Questions related to the jelq and fitness.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. What’s the importance behind the instructions to time jelqs once you get past 300 reps?

Al: The reasoning behind this is to see how efficient your jelq sessions are. For example, if you’re performing 300 reps of the jelq, and you’re aiming for 2-3 seconds per rep, your jelq net time should be close to 600-900 seconds (10-15 minutes). It’s understood there’s going to be the need for pauses- either for erection refreshing. relubing, etc. You’ll want to do your best to ensure these pauses don’t take up more than 20% of your total gross time. If you can get it down to 10% of your total time, this will be even better. If you’re not taking too many breaks but your time is off, then the issue is with your jelq speed.

Timing longer jelq sessions will ensure you can account for all of the above factors.

Q. All of the gyms have closed down for months where I live, so as a result I’ve gotten very out of shape…

I still do kegels and edging, but my EQ is now horrible and I’ve gained more than 15 kilos in less than a year! Do you have any advice for me?

Al: If your regular fitness regimen has been exclusively gym training- and if there aren’t any available- you’re going to have to change how you train (or at least your location of training). Even if you only have floor space for minimal activities, you can do plenty. Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, burpees, and the like. If you can set up a home gym then this would be optimal. Start small- a mat, a chinning bar which can go over your doorway, perhaps an adjustable barbell and dumbbell set, and even a bench- you can complete a full array of even high intensity training with a home set up.

Unless you’re unable to, you should partake in walking, running, bicycling, or whatever your preference to get in your cardio. The aforementioned jumping jacks and burpees are all great for getting the heart rate up.

Most important of all is the mindset. Challenging times call for ingenuity and persistence. Thinking just a bit outside of the box as regard your fitness alternatives may very well open up a whole new and fun world of training options!

If you’re at home or in one location for long periods of time, be sure to keep any unhealthy food away so you’re not tempted to eat unhealthy things. Setting an eating schedule for yourself can be helpful, if needed.

Stretching After Surgery, After Light Jelqs, Reverse Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Stretching After Surgery, After Light Jelqs, Reverse Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about stretching after surgery, what to do after training with light jelqs, and when you use the Reverse Stop and Starts.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.


Q. I plan on having penis lengthening surgery soon…

but I want to know if I can still gain length doing stretches after the procedure.

Al: In my opinion, the surgical option should be a final option. If you do plan on going forward with a surgery it’s important for you to research the procedure fully. If there are no other issues after a surgery then you should actually stand to gain MORE length with a severed ligament.

What IS vital is that you ensure said ligament doesn’t reattach itself to your pubic bone. Your doctor should prescribe a regimen of light hanging or extending after your surgery to ensure this doesn’t happen. Also, it should be noted that a surgery of this type will force you to be out of commission sexually for 6 weeks. Other issues such as nerve damage and problems with healing can present themselves.


Q. I’ve been doing light jelqs and stamina work for a few weeks now.

They’re working great but I feel the need for more of a challenge. What would be the next best step to take?

Al: The next step would be to raise slightly the level of force used with the jelqs. The level of erection should be raised over time as well- though this tends to shift more of the growth emphasis towards girth.

If after an acceptable period there isn’t satisfactory growth due to a lack of intensity, we can look into more challenging movements. This may require splitting the enlargement portions of your workout to individually targeted length and girth exercises.


Q. I’ve been working out with male enhancement exercises for some months now but I have the opposite problem a lot of guys have.

Instead of ejaculating too quickly, it takes me a looong time and a lot of effort to orgasms. This might be from masturbating to porn for long periods of time. What can I do to fix this?

Al: If you’re having issues with porn use, please review the following: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative Habits To Improve Erection Quality and Sexual Confidence

You can perform the “reverse” Stop and Starts to decrease your time to the PONR. The Reverse Stop and Starts is performed using an extremely light grip and attempt to ejaculate as quickly as possible. That should help to reset your sensory threshold.

Caution- it won’t take many of these sessions to reset your sensory threshold!

Jelqing Tools: What Works – What Doesn’t

jelqing tools jelq penis enlargement

jelqing tools jelq penis enlargementWe talk a lot about jelqing here at PEGym. Why? Because it’s one of the easiest and most effective male enhancement exercises you can do. Jelqing is perfect for both beginner’s and advanced penis exercisers. Let’s take a look at jelqing tools, to see what works and what doesn’t work.

If you want more info on jelqing, how to do it and the different variety of jelqs, check out our comprehensive jelqing guide – Jelqing: What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. A purchase through any of our links helps keep PEGym forums and content free. Thank you!

Jelqing Tools: Hands

Your hands are the jelqing tools most people think of when it comes to this very basic penis enlargement exercise. Here are the pros and cons of using your hands for jelqing.

jelqing tools hands OK grip

Jelqing Tools: Hands Pros

  • You always have your hands with you, no matter where you are.
  • Your hands are free. No equipment to purchase.
  • You can easily vary the pressure with your hands.

Jelqing Tools: Hands Cons

  • Using your hands for jelqing can get tiring.
    • When fatigued, it may be difficult to get enough pressure for a proper jelq.
    • When fatigued, it may be difficult to have consistent pressure.
  • Tension on the skin can lead to discomfort.
  • The hands typically stretch mostly the skin, while the underlying tissues don’t get jelqed as effectively.

Jelqing Tools: Power J Gym

The Power J Gym is a jelqing tool used by more than 100,000 men around the globe. The traction control roller system actually jelqs the tissue under the penile skin, which is the tissue you need to exercise to get penis enlargement.

power j gym jelqing tool new jelq device
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Jelqing Tools: Power J Gym Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Even, consistent pressure with each jelq
  • Minimizes hand fatigue
  • Compact design makes it easy to take with you when traveling
  • Specifically targets the tissue under the penis skin.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of every jelq.
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Purchase can be motivation to use it and do jelqs

Jelqing Tools: Power J Gym Cons

  • Does require purchase

Jelqing Tools: Max Out Jelqing Serum

Max Out Jelqing Serum, by Bathmate, is a specially formulated lube and male enhancer all in one. It includes natural ingredients known to improve vasodilation as well as skin moisturizers.

bathmate max out jelqing serum
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Jelqing Tools: Max Out Jelqing Serum Pros

  • Reduces skin friction and reduces irritation for manual jelqing
  • Improved vasodilation means greater blood flow
    • Improved blood flow means temporary enlargement
    • It also means improved healing of the microtears from jelqing
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used as a stand alone male enhancement serum, without jelqing

Jelqing Tools: Max Out Jelqing Serum Cons

  • Reduction of friction can make jelqing slightly less effective
  • Can only be used with manual jelqs, no jelqing tools

Jelqing an Uncircumcised Penis

Jelqing OK-grip

Jelqing OK-gripJelqing is the backbone of many penis enlargement routines. It’s easy to do, requires no special equipment and is incredibly effective. However, for men who are uncircumcised, jelqing can provide a unique challenge.

Uncircumcised Jelqing and the “Turkey Neck”

One of the most common issues is the “turkey neck” effect. When jelqing if the foreskin is left over the glans of the penis, fluid can build up. Additionally, jelqing an uncircumcised penis, with the foreskin over the glans, can lead to excess force on the penile skin at the base of the penis.

Proper Jelq Technique for an Uncircumcised Penis

The proper jelq technique for an uncircumcised penis is fairly easy:

  • Instead of leaving the foreskin over the glans, retract the foreskin before each stroke.
  • Then, when you reach the glans during your jelq, release the OK grip.
  • Allow your skin to return to its normal position before you once again retract the foreskin and begin your next stroke.

Want more information on jelqing?  Check out our comprehensive article:

What is Jelqing? Jelq Your Way to a Bigger and Harder Penis

Are you uncircumcised and use a different jelq technique?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!

The Bundled Dry Jelq: A New Noteworthy Penis Exercise

dry bundled jelq

As this is Jelq for Health month at PEGym, I felt it would bedry bundled jelq appropriate to describe an exercise that I believe to be entirely new — the Bundled Dry Jelq.

The concept of the bundle stretch is not new. In fact, it’s a very effective stretching exercises, that alters the parallel fibers in the penis, to maximum enlargement gains. If performed in combination with a dry jelq, it gives an additive or even synergistic stretch. I feel this exercise exceeds either one done alone or separately. I have tried this after pumping and notice a very significant effect in terms of overall mass enhancement, which is why I wish to share this new concept with PEGym members.

What is the Bundled Stretch?

The bundled stretch is one of the most effective stretching penis exercises. The basic bundled stretch is performed as follows:

  • Bring your penis to an approximate 90% erection.
  • Stretch your penis straight out.
  • Turn your penis counterclockwise (like winding up a rubber band) and then pull.

Depending on the experience level of the individual, the winding up (or bundling) should be done in increments starting with a quarter turn. Once you become more advanced, you can work up to a half-turn.

Perform the bundled stretch counterclockwise, with 10 stretches for 10 seconds. Then repeats clockwise for 10 more 10-second stretches. The number of stretches and the time can be incrementally built up with experience.

What is the Bundled Dry Jelq and How do I do it?

The Bundled Dry Jelq penis exercise is a combination of the bundled stretch and the dry jelq.  Here are the instruction on how to perform the Bundled Dry Jelq?

  • Step 1 – Perform the stretch and twist of the bundled stretch.
  • Step 2 – Keeping your penis in the bundled stretch configuration, place your hand with an overhand grip (thumb and index finger pointing down), near the base of the penis.
  • Step 3 – Pull your hand as far forward as you can, then hold the stretch.
  • Step 4 – Repeat for five minutes in the clockwise configuration, then five minutes in the counterclockwise configuration.

As you advance, you can gradually increase your time and intensity.

Why is the Bundled Dry Jelq an Effective Penis Exercise?

The reason why the Bundled Dry Jelq is so effective comes down to collagen fiber alignment and bundling.  Let’s look at it from a mechanical point of view.

When the penis is in its natural state, the collagen fibers are in alignment with each other. When the collagen fibers are aligned normally, we have bands of parallel fibers within each geographical area of the penis. These parallel bands can crisscross in spots, but for the purpose of conceptualization of this exercise visualize them as parallel fibers in alignment.

When you start bundling the penis, the fibers change from being aligned in a series of straight lines reinforcing one another, to twisting them out of alignment, which separates and isolates them. This makes them individually more responsive to stretching and collagen remodeling under traction. These fibers will then be remodeled in the direction of the stretch, hence making the penis ultimately thicker and longer .

When performing the bundled dry jelq, you are jelqing and stretching them “out of alignment” and therefore creating a mechanical force that facilitates penis enlargement gains. In other words, you are bundling the fibers and increasing the leverage effect of the traction.

This is similar to the fulcrum movement with hangers. In the fulcrum exercise, your penis is positioned over a cylindrical object, with weights attached via a hanger behind the glans, causing the penis to stretch around the object. This very effective, historical use of the fulcrum from hanging devices has been discussed in depth.

Uses of the Bundled Dry Jelq

The Bundled Dry Jelq is a particularly good exercise to use after pumping, because of the superior stretching and stimulating effect.When you finish pumping, give the Bundled Dry Jelq a try, and you’ll see it’s superior to just regular jelqing after pumping.

Give the Bundled Dry Jelq a try and see the results for yourself. Should you have any questions on this, please let me know.

Top 6 Penis Enlargement Exercises from PEGym Members

small penis

Do you want a larger penis? Guess what — you’re not alone! Although we’ve all heard the saying, “Size doesn’t matter,” if you’re insecure about your penis size, it can negatively affect multiple aspects of your life. If you’re worried about the size of your penis, it can make you not only insecure in the bedroom, but in your professional life, as well as other personal relationship. It’s not a surprise millions of men turn to penis exercise, to enlarge their favorite body part. Following are the top six methods members have used to enlarge their penis, through penis enlargement exercises.

penis exercise for penis enlargement
Millions of men turn to penis exercise to enlarge their penis.

Top 6 Penis Enlargement Exercises

#1: Jelqing

  • Jelqing – The jelq is one of the most common penis enlargement exercises. Using an OK-grip, this penis exercise is both simple and effective. With your penis partially erect, slowly stroke up the penis shaft toward the glans. This not only brings nutrient rich blood into the penis, but also uses the same principles as muscle building to create increase length and girth. Check out our Jelqing Exercises page, with more links to this type of penis exercise and all its variations. Or check out the Power J Gym, to learn about the benefits of using a jelq device for jelqing.

#2: Penis Stretching

  • StretchingPenis stretching exercises are another penis exercise great for beginners, with variations that are perfect for more advanced penis exercisers. Plus, it’s one of the simplest penis enlargement exercises. Chances are you’ve seen pictures of  Kayan women, in Thailand, who from an early begin the process to stretch their necks. This same principle applies to penis stretching. You can learn about all of the different penis stretching exercises on our Stretching Exercises page.

#3: Penis Pumps

  • Penis PumpsPenis pumps are a mechanical form of penis enlargement exercises. Penis pumps come in a variety of designs, with different features; however, the basic principles of penis pumps are the same. A cylinder goes over the penis and a pump, either manual or electric, creates a partial vacuum within the cylinder. This decreased pressure causes the tissues in the penis to expand and fill with blood. Some of the most popular penis pumps include:  the Bathmate and the Penomet (both water-assisted pumps) and the Passion Pump.

#4: Penis Extenders

#5: Penis Hangers

  • Penis HangersPenis hangers are another stretching penis exercise. As the name implies, you attach the device and hang a weight, causing tension on the penis. This is an ADVANCED exercise and should only be done by men who have been doing penis exercises for awhile.

#6: Kegels for Men

  • Kegels – Although Kegels may not be penis exercises specifically geared for penis enlargement, they will give you harder, stronger and longer lasting erections! There are penis enlargement benefits indirectly from Kegeling, thanks to the improved blood flow to the penis. Check out our article Kegel Exercises for Men, for more information.


R’s Jelq Routine

For men who’d like to perform penis enlargement / male enhancement exercises without any specialized equipment, jelqing is one of the best exercises you can do. The jelq was developed in the Middle East, more than a thousand years ago, and has been used since this time by men seeking penis enlargement.

R’s Jelq Routine has the same safety precautions as any other jelqing routine — warm up before you begin, listen to your body when jelqing, and never jelq with your penis fully erect. Also, as will all penis exercises, starting off slowly and gradually building your routine is both the safest and most effective way to your penis enlargement goals.

R’s Jelq Routine Jelqing Video

“R” was the nicknake of a former client of Male Enhancement Coach

This particular version of the jelq differs from a normal jelqing exercise with the upward, quick stroke (as opposed to the slower strokes pointed downward).  With R’s jelqing routine, it’s recommended that you jelq for time.

Jelqing Exercises: Exercises Table of Contents

jelq jelqing milking jelqing exercises

jelq jelqing milking jelqing exercisesJelqing exercises are the cornerstone of most male enhancement routines. They improve blood flow and result in penis enlargement. They are done by hand, which means you can do them without special equipment. Following are our top resources on jelqing exercises, to help you get off to a good start.



Dry Jelq

Instructional video of how to perform a dry jelq.

How to Jelq

Learn how to jelq with our step-by-step instructions.

Jelq & Jelqing

The jelq is the backbone of every other penis enlargement exercise floating around on the Internet.

Jelqing Video

The following jelqing video is of an intense jelq.


Step-by-step video instructions of the mini-jelq, which can be done as a standard exercise or to fix a bent penis.

One-Handed Jelq

Step-by-step video instructions of the One-Handed Jelq.

R’s Jelq Routine

This particular version of the jelq differs from a normal jelq with the upward, quick stroke (as opposed to the slower strokes pointed downward).

Side Jelq

Step-by-step instructions and videos of the Side Jelq.


Step-by-step  instructions of the V-Jelq.


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Mini-Jelqs / Mini Jelqing

Mini-jelqs are a variation of jelqing. Developed in the ancient Middle East, more than a millenia ago, jelqing has been found to be a effective, safe and natural means of penis enlargement.

Despite the “mini” in its name, the mini-jelq holds all the same safety precautions of a full jelq. Always warm your penis up before you begin. Never perform the mini-jelq on a fully erection. If your body is telling you something hurts, stop doing it. Penis exercises are not a quick fix. Keep this in mind and begin to increase your mini-jelq reps slowlly. With consistent workouts, you” begin to see the positive penis enlargement effects very soon.

The Mini-Jelq Video

The Mini-Jelq can be done as a standard exercise, or you can use it to fix a penis curve, by focusing on one of your corpus chambers.

Example: Mini Jelq/Jelqing Video



For more instructional videos like the above and for personalized training, visit Male Enhancement Coach