Side to Sides & Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Side to Sides & Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Erect Kegel pauses, rest in the stretched state & tool use.

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Q. I’m interested in testing out the Side to Sides stretch for length.

All I’ve done before is high rep jelqing. Can I start with high reps for the Side to Sides? How long can I use them for?

Al: It would be good to test out 100 reps of the Side to Sides in your initial session. If you’re starting with any new exercise, start on the low end of the rep plan. You can always adjust upwards with your reps.  A good rule of thumb is to add anywhere between 5-10 percent volume per session for this exercise- at least until you get to 500 reps or more- then stay at ~5% per session.

The Side to Sides usually work well for 1-2 cycles. From there, more intense movements are needed to bust the almost inevitable plateau. That being said, we can keep using it for as long as you see fit to.

Q. I have sex one to days a week with my girlfriend.

The sex is quite good already but how can I get better at it and grow in confidence? I’m especially vulnerable to ejaculating too soon when I penetrate although I can get it up later.

Al: The best way to improve is to practice. Get more time and confidence with penetration, and you’ll develop mastery.

Something which can offer more immediate help is to ejaculate/orgasm LIGHTLY early in your encounter. This will mean stopping or pulling out during the act. The harder your orgasm the longer your refractory period, and the reverse is also true.

Practicing the manual Stop and Starts is your best alternative to live sexual contact if you need more training.

Jelqing Video: Watch Now & Learn How to Properly Jelq

jelqing video

For more than a millenia, men have used the jelq as an effective and natural means of penis enlargement. Here you’ll find all of our most popular jelqing videos. Each jelqing video demonstrates a different jelq variation, for your penis enlargement routine.

Jelqing Video Example 1: Basic Jelq/Jelqing Video

Originating in the ancient Middle East, men discovered jelqing could both increase their penis length and their girth. Following, you’ll find several variations of the jelq in our jelqing videos guide.

REMEMBER: As always, warm up your penis prior to doing any penis exercises. This includes the jelq. Jelqing should only be performed on a semi-erect penis. Jelqing with a full erection can cause damage. Listen to the cues your body is giving you when doing any penis exercise. Do not try to do too many jelqs at first. You’ll get better results by starting slowly and building up repetitions. Be consistent in your penis exercise routine to see the best results.

Jelqing Video Example 2: R’s Version of the Jelq

The difference in this version of the jelq, from a normal jelq, is an upwards, quick stroke (as opposed to the slower strokes pointed donwards). R’s routine also recommends jelqing for time.

Why is this jelq intense? Notice in the jelq video that the model has a high erection level. He really forces the blood up the penis. Both of these methods are great for increasing the intensity of the jelq. However, they should be avoided by beginners.

For the first month or so, use a lower erection level than our model does when jelqing. Gently push the blood up the penis.

Remember, our jelqing videos are for instructional purposes only. Listen to your body. Start slowly. Only increase intensity and/or duration after your body is accustomed to the exercise.

For more information on how to properly do these exercises, please reach out to  Male Enhancement Coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.

This is the tenth installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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Towel Raise Penis Exercise

Towel Raise Penis Exercise

The towel raise penis exercise step-by-step instructions and videos.

Towel Raise Penis Exercise Example 1:

Towel Raise Penis Exercise Example 2:

Erection Level: 100 percent

Recommended Reps: 20

Towel Raise Step-by-step

1. Place a hand towel on your erect penis.

2. Kegel to lift the towel up and down.

Towel Raise Penis Exercise 1

Towel Raise Penis Exercise 2









Tip 1! When your erection starts to subside, place two fingers underneath the penis to help you to squeeze in a few more repetitions.

Tip 2! At first use a dry hand towel. As you advance, add more weight by wetting the towel.

Video provided by personal trainer and Male Enhancement Coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.

Flaccid Bend

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend

The flaccid bend is the first squeezing exercise that many men do (after a man has been exercising his penis for 6 weeks or more). It’s one of the backbone intermediate-level exercises for a man looking to build a thicker penis.

Erection level: 50 to 60 percent

Recommended Reps: 4

Flaccid Bend Step-by-Step

This exercise uses two hands.

1. Hand 1: Grip the penis below the glans, as if you were going to stretch.

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend

2. Hand 2: Place two to four fingers underneath the penis.

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend 2

3. Bend the penis over the fingers.

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend 3

4. Hold the bend for twenty to thirty seconds.

Tip! Do an entire flaccid bend workout by repeating steps one through four in each direction. Do this by placing the fingers above the shaft to bend up; to the right of the shaft to bend right; and to the left of the shaft to bend left.

Tip! If you have even more time, repeat the exercise again, but each time place a different number of fingers underneath the penis.

Side Jelq

Side Jelq Penis Exercise

If you’re looking for an effect and natural penis enlargement method — you need to jelq! Jelqing began over a millenia ago, in the Middle East. Even back then, men wanted a larger penis. Following, you’ll find instructions on one of the many jelqing variations — the side jelq.

Please note: The safety precautions for the side jelq are the same as for all jelqing exercises. Warm up your penis before you begin to jelq. Only perform the side jelq with a semi-erect penis – NEVER fully erect. Always listen to what your body cues are telling you. Begin slowly, and, with consistent efforts, you’re sure to see results.

Step-by-Step Written Instructions for the Side Jelq

Step-by-step jelqing instructions and videos of the Side Jelq.

Erection level: 75 to 85 percent.
Recommended Reps: 20

Side Jelq: The Exercise

1. Start a normal Jelq. At the halfway point of jelqing, place your other hand at the base of your penis. This will help build support.

Side Jelq Penis Exercise 1

2. Simultaneously, curve the Jelq to the side.

Side Jelq Penis Exercise 2

3. Once you reach the glans, press the palm of your hand against your penis to finish the bending motion of side jelqing.

Side Jelq Penis Exercise 3

4. The entire Jelq should last three to five seconds. Repeat with other hand.