Layman’s Research on the Forums (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

Layman’s Research on the Forums

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

In my opinion, the most valuable body of work coming from the male enhancement /penis enlargement community comes from the trainees themselves. Without their efforts this book would not exist, nor would “PE”. In my own research, trainees have taught me more than I could have learned, had I spent all of my time merely self-experimenting and researching tissue studies and Davis’ Law.

What these men have done is, wittingly or not, applied the Scientific Method to their training.

The Scientific Method has five steps to it:

● Problem – Determining whether or not non-surgical penis enlargement is possible and feasible and, if so, how to go about it safely.

● Observation – This comes from studying soft tissue morphology to get a solid foundation of knowledge as well as learning how others who have reported gains have done it.

● Hypothesis – This is where the plan itself (the routine) is outlined along with the expected potential results.

● Experimentation – This part consists of the actual training, recording of statistics and logging of your efforts.

● Conclusion – After a specific time, a measurement is taken to see what the results are.

Some have substituted “Prediction” for “Problem” or have slightly rearranged the above steps, but the above should suffice for our purposes.

Some purists may decry the above, stating no controls are used or an “uninterested observer” should be conducting the measurements. Obviously, training with those types of restrictions might be difficult.

If you’re doing this for the purpose of self-improvement and are honest and scrupulous with your record keeping, the results will show regardless of the lack of controls or uninterested observer.

How has this played out in reality?

If you were to take a cross sample of trainees’ journals, you’d note the distribution of failure and success likely mimic most human physical endeavors toward self-improvement. There are cases where lucky men with large dimensions do little and make great gains, and at the other end of the spectrum you have men who toil away and self-experiment to no end with little to show for their efforts. Then you have those devoted few who take their training and goals seriously, and it’s from these numbers where some of the greatest gains and training breakthroughs are made.

While some routines do seem to work “best” for a large number of trainees, there are always going to be those who function best in other parts of the spectrum. Some men respond best to very intense but brief regimens, while others thrive following high volume/light routines. Yet others do best using more unusual methods- like all-day weight hanging or even pumping.

Of course, some men actually do well by adopting the best of all of these methods and using them in a timely manner- and I stress the word “timely” because with training, timing is everything.

The routines themselves are designed to take maximum advantage of exercise “synergy”. That’s when you group exercises together in a way, where the whole gives you better results than if you performed each exercise alone. For example, you’ll find most of the full routines outlined in this book normally involve a number of different exercises with seemingly different functions. You have your warm up- which as the name suggests warms up and loosens all tissues. Immediately after your warm up, you’d normally proceed to “girth” work, which targets tunica and can help make your length work more productive- as most direct stretches neglect the tunica to some degree.

After girth work, next in the usual sequence of exercises is “length” work- usually some form of stretching/hanging/extender work. Length work stretches most of the structures of the penis, but in most cases, the basal ligaments are the structures most stressed by this particular activity. I recommend doing your girth work first because intense stretches can leave your penis temporarily exhausted. This can make doing girth work immediately afterwards a bit difficult.

Next on the training schedule is stamina work, which further expands the tunica. This is due to the increase in blood flow from exercises like Kegels and Stop and Starts, which, when done immediately after your enlargement work induces maximal sustained tissue expansion. You will get to learn more about stamina work in the next section.

The warm down is usually the last movement performed in your training routine, and it allows even further expansion and keeps tissues expanded longer post-workout. This activity also aids in healing/recuperation.

The cool down can be done after the warm down or alternating period of heat and cold. A cool down is recommended after a particularly intense workout or if you’re sore.

More important than the exercises, sets, reps, etc. is the feel of the exercises. If you’re not inducing a deep level of tissue stretch each time you train, you’re likely not inducing growth. Feel and intensity aren’t the same thing- so experimenting with degree of force (starting on the light end) along with various angles, etc. will be vital to the process.

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