The Flexing Girth Exercise

The Flexing Girth Exercise The Flexing Girth Exercise is an advanced girth compound movement which combines manual enlargement with Kegels. NOTE- You must have a full...

Base Squeeze, Edging, and Stretching, a Winning Combination for Length and Girth.

Base Squeeze, Edging, and Stretching, a Winning Combination for Length and Girth. By Dr Richard R. Howard II Please read article on Viking Kegel, as the...

The Viking’s Kegel/Squeeze

Viking’s Kegel/Squeeze This particular advanced girth movement combined the Kegel exercise for maximum penis expansion and training efficiency. Instructions Step 1: Encircle your 3/4 erect penis at...

Different Squeeze Exercise Issues; Penis Bends- Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about the Squeeze exercise and bent penis corrections in this Ask the Experts article. If you have questions you’d...

Clamping Video Instructions

CLAMPING VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS Following is step-by-step video instructions for the penis exercise - clamping. For more detailed information, please view our Clamping Step-by-Step article. ...

Compressor Penis Exercise Video Instructions

Following are step-by-step video instructions for the advanced, girth exercise - Compressor. For more detailed instructions, please check out our Compressor article. Compressor Penis Exercise...
Erect Bend Penis Exercise

Erect Bend Penis Exercise

Erect Bend: Penis Exercise Warning:  Because of the intensity of erect bends, they should only be used by men who have been penis exercising for...
Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend

Flaccid Bend

The flaccid bend is the first squeezing exercise that many men do (after a man has been exercising his penis for 6 weeks or...
Uli Penis Exercise

Uli Penis Exercise: Video & Pictorial Instructions

The Uli is a great manual penis exercise. It's perfect for increasing penis length and penis girth. Following are step-by-step instructions and videos of...
Horse Squeeze Penis Exercise

Horse Squeeze: Learn How to do this Penis Exercise

Step-by-step instructions and videos of the Horse Squeeze. Horse Squeeze Video Erection level: 95 percent Recommended Reps: 20 Horse Squeeze Step-by-Step This exercise...