The Dry Orgasm

the dry orgasm

The point of this article is to describe what Dry Orgasms (DO) are, and to provide specific guidance for men wishing to learn how to have these types of orgasms.

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The Male G-Spot

male enhancement sexual guides

This article explains a unique and widely unknown male erogenous zone known as the “Male G-spot”, its anatomical location, and how to make it a source of pleasure for help with masturbation, edging, and ballooning principles.

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Bone-Pressed eXtender Length: Understanding Your BPXL

measuring bone-pressed eXtender length or BPXL

Written by Calixto

Wearing a penis extender can be a complicated process. More over, understanding gains made with a penis extender can also be baffling because the difference in your overall BPEL is usually less than the length that can be reached while wearing a penis extender. The solution? Track your gains consistently and accurately by measuring your Bone-Pressed eXtender Length, or BPXL.

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Premature Ejaculation: Is Masturbation the Villain in Males?

Premature Ejaculation and Masturbation

Premature ejaculation is a frequent sexual complaint and a treatable condition.  Physical conditioning in a man’s youth may have encouraged premature ejaculation during masturbation or with partners due to a need for haste during sexual experiences, but practice and various techniques can help retrain the body.Continue reading