Physiological Indicators Are Your Best Friend

Penis Enhancement Psychological Indicators

As with society, communication is the key to the relationship between you and a healthy penis. When you start Penile Enhancement, you will come to find that your penis has a unique language and that he speaks to you as your best friend. If you listen to your penis as he is your best friend and learn how to speak his language, it greatly serves to benefit both of you immediately and later on even more so. Although, If you neglect to listen to him, then you can end up overtraining or injuring yourself by not paying close attention to your Physiological Indicators.

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Turtling: What It Is, and How to Avoid It

Turtling, what is it and how to avoid it

One of the most common and alarming occurrences for those involved in penis exercise is when your unit starts shrinking past the point of normal flaccidity, as if it is trying to hide and lay low.  Don’t worry — developing a better understanding of why “turtling” happens will go a long way toward helping you prevent it.

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Penile Exercises: Why Do Them?

Penile Exercises why do them

Men turn to the penis enhancement lifestyle for many reasons.  We may hope to achieve overall sexual health, an alternative to high-cost drugs and risky medical procedures, a competitive edge, fulfillment of the desire to be “above average,” or an ability to better please our partners. Probably the main reason men turn to penile exercises is simply for increased penis size! This article discusses some of the central goals that bring men to penile exercises, and the results that keep us here.

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Bone-Pressed eXtender Length: Understanding Your BPXL

measuring bone-pressed eXtender length or BPXL

Written by Calixto

Wearing a penis extender can be a complicated process. More over, understanding gains made with a penis extender can also be baffling because the difference in your overall BPEL is usually less than the length that can be reached while wearing a penis extender. The solution? Track your gains consistently and accurately by measuring your Bone-Pressed eXtender Length, or BPXL.

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Developing a Penis Extender Workout Routine

Developing a Penis Extender Workout Routine - alarm clock

This section of the penis extender guide explains the necessity of creating a penis extender routine that will fit into your schedule. This section also will cover how you should track your extender sessions and gains with a log, as well as the best ways to incorporate using an extender with your manual penis exercises.

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The Head Swell: Maximize Your Penis Extender Gains

ballooning the head swell penis extender

Written by Calixto

This section covers a particular phenomenon that can occur while wearing a penis extender called a “head-swell”. It is now believed by many that the head-swell helps to optimize penis shaft length gains while wearing a penis extender. However, some disagree or say that a head-well is not necessary for making gains when using a penis extender. Nonetheless, this article focuses on how to get and maintain a head-well while wearing a penis extender.

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How to Use a Penis Extender

Instruction manual on how to use a penis extender

Written by Calixto

The problem with regarding “How to Use a Penis Extender” instruction guides up to this point is that many such guides do not give thorough information on what an extender user should do and experience to know they are on the right track towards optimal gains. This guide article covers the major points on how to do so. While there are some basic principles of “acquiring and mastering useful techniques” with your extender, it took me years to figure it out on my own. This article clarifies much of the guesswork of how to use penis extenders.

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8 X 6: The Clive Peters Story

The Clive Peters Story

Clive Peters, author of How to Maximize Your Manhood, describes how he became involved in penile enhancement and his journey from curiosity to belief and commitment.  Working toward (and reaching!) his penis growth goals has added spice to his marriage, helped him last longer in bed, and brought countless other benefits to his life.Continue reading