3 Best Penis Girth Exercises

The 3 Best Penis Exercises for Girth

When you hear "penis enlargement" most people immediately think of increasing penis length.  However, most men don't just want a longer penis - they...
Turtling, what is it and how to avoid it

Turtling: What It Is, and How to Avoid It

One of the most common and alarming occurrences for those involved in penis exercise is when your unit starts shrinking past the point of...
Supplements Taken By Biohackers to Increase Longevity

How to Live Longer: Supplements Taken By Biohackers to Increase Longevity

Article at a Glance: Health supplements are a billion dollar industry. With thousands of supplements that all claim to work, only a few of them...
small penis

Top 6 Penis Enlargement Exercises from PEGym Members

Do you want a larger penis? Guess what -- you're not alone! Although we've all heard the saying, "Size doesn't matter," if you're insecure...
Fordyce spots

Fordyce Spots: What are They and What Can I Do About Them?

You notice one day little, pale red or white bumps on your penis and freak out. What the heck could this be? Your mind...
screwballs cock ring

Cock Enlargement: Increased Girth Using a Cock Ring

What is a Cock Ring? A cock ring, or cockring, is a ring placed around a person's penis, usually at the base. It is primarily used to to...
personal lubricants the best and worst lubricants

Personal Lubricants: The Best and Worst Lubricants to Use for Penis Exercises

This article takes a look at various lubes used for certain facets of penis enlargement such as jelqing and penis pumping which require lubrication....
penis stretching exercises

Penis Stretching Exercises

Penis stretching exercises are the basis for all male enhancement exercises. Using just your hands or a device to assist, stretching can help you...

JonPop’s 90-Day Beginner Penis Enlargement Routine FAQs – Part 1

* Here is the follow-up FAQs for JonPop's 90-Day Beginner Routine, promised in the article -- JonPop’s 90-Day Beginner Routine Summary. The information below answers the most...
penis cable clamps for penis enlargement

Penis Clamping FAQ and Tips

Starting to using penis clamps to help improve your penis girth? Don't start without first reading the common tips, FAQs, and other important penis...