7 Productive Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

7 Productive Things to Do Insteaf of Spending Money money worries

7 Productive Things to Do Insteaf of Spending Money money worriesWith the holidays approaching, stress levels are on the rise. One of the most common stressors for this time of year is — MONEY!

Gifts and travel and entertaining and eating out… well, it all adds up to a lot of money being spent, and even if you’re doing well with your budget, just this uptick in spending can be stressful.

This stress can make you more irritable and can even negatively impact your relationship with your significant other. Stress and anxiety are also a leading factor in erectile dysfunction!

Check out my list of 7 productive things you can do, instead of spending money.

  1. 7 Productive Things to Do Insteaf of Spending MoneyGo for a walk – by yourself, with your partner, or with your favorite 4-legged friend. Even in the winter time, even in the snow, check out the beauty around you. Snow on the ground – or even just the stark contrast of a leafless tree against a gray sky. If you’re with your partner – hold hands. If you’re alone – put in some headphones with your favorite music playing.
  2. Do a puzzle – I know that sounds old fashioned, but puzzles are like the original Farmville. You have a sense of accomplishment for completing tasks! Plus, putting a puzzle together actually exercises your brain. Do it with your partner, with the TV and cell phones off, and just enjoy being together. Your local library may even have some puzzles you can check out for FREE!
  3. Call a relative – Just to say “Hi!” In today’s world, chances are most of your non-face-to-face communication is electronic – e-mail, text, personal messages, etc.. But, that’s not the same as actually hearing another person’s voice. So, give someone you love a call! If you both have the ability to video chat – that’s even better! You don’t have to have a reason to call – just call to chat.
  4. Prep for the week ahead – While this one isn’t fun while you’re doing it, it’ll make the rest of your week SO much easier, you’ll be glad you did it! Iron all of your clothes for the coming week. Plan out what you’re having for dinner for the week and prep any veggies you can (like dicing onions, etc) and putting the things you need all together in one spot. If you make lunches, do what prep you can for the week there too. MrKimberly likes turkey-roast beef-and Swiss sandwiches. I take the three and make up sandwich portions – layering some turkey, some roast beef, then 2 slices of Swiss, with a little piece of wax paper between that portion and the next. That way, when I go to make his lunch for the day, I have the meat already pre-portioned out. Yes, I feel a little like Subway. 😉
  5. Do yoga or meditate – Yoga and meditation are 2 of the best stress relievers! In fact, if you have high blood pressure, you should be doing both every single day! The great thing about the Internet is you don’t have to pay for a gym membership or even buy a yoga mat to do these exercises. YouTube has LOTS of great instructional videos that will walk you through a yoga routine or lead you calmly through a meditation. No need to dress up or even leave your own home!
  6. Dance – Dance like no one is watching by yourself. Turn on your favorite music and just have FUN! Or, if your partner’s around – dance with them! Heck, YouTube again has great instructional dance videos – you can learn to Salsa or Cha-Cha or Floss or any of a million dance moves!  All free!
  7. Draw and/or color – Drawing and coloring (or painting or any artistic endeavor) is something we used to do all the time as kids. We used art as a way to express ourselves. We also used it to build our self-esteem. Do you remember how good it felt when your artwork was put up on the wall at school for display? Or even when your parents hung it on the refrigerator?  You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy creating art. Doodle even. Stick figures. Whatever. Just let your inner child come out and create for a little while!

The Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

health benefits of sex

And Rock n’ Roll

Often times in life the things that are most thrilling are often the worst for you. For example, a
triple decker cheeseburger with bacon, fries, and a milkshake all sound pretty delicious.
Unfortunately, eating all of that is kind of like sticking a fork into an electrical outlet. It probably
won’t hurt you, unless you keep doing it. Thankfully, there is one thing that is both thrilling, and
good for you, sex!

You heard that right. According to several different medical studies, routine safe sex can be very beneficial to your health. Now of course all things in moderation, and the conditions around the
sex you are having has a lot to do with its impact on your health. Done safely and properly, sex
can substantially increase your overall health.

Here is a list of some of the surprising health benefits of sex:

Keeps Up Your Immune System – Believe it or not, regular sex can help prevent you from
getting sick. According to Yvonne Fulbright, a PhD sexual health expert, “sexually active people
take fewer sick days”. Those who have sex regularly also tended to have a higher antibody
count in their system, making them more resilient to illnesses. Long story short, some hanky
panky can help keep the sniffles away, as long as you are using protection that is.

Improve Your Libido – We have all heard the expression, use it or lose it. This applies to sex
too. Regular sexual practice not only makes you better at it, remarkably it gives you a better sex
drive as well. According to Lauren Streicher, an MD, women who have sex regularly have better
blood flow, more vaginal lubrication, and better elasticity. Regular sex can make you better at it,
and make you want to have it more frequently.

Lowers Blood Pressure – New studies have suggested a correlation between lower blood
pressure and an active sex live. Talk about letting off steam. It seems regular sex quite literally
relieves tension in the body. Healthy sexual practices are important, and it seems that more
people are engaging in better sex habits all the time. For example, it has been found that sex
and drug usage has lessened among teens. This is good in many ways, but if young adults practice
safe sex, it could improve their health as well. It is interesting to note in these studies it was
found that sexual intercourse itself and not masturbation caused lower blood pressure levels.

Lowers Risk of Heart Attacks – More good news. It turns out that a healthy sex life is great for
your heart. Sex helps to stimulate the heart, counting as a form of exercise. Sex also helps to
keep estrogen and testosterone levels balanced. If either of these hormones starts to get low,
problems like osteoporosis and heart disease. One study found that men who have sex at least
twice a week were half as likely to die from a form of heart disease.

Woman Sues Ex for Stretching Her Vagina with His Big Penis

In another news story that has me just shaking my head in bewilderment, a Zimbabwe woman is suing her ex-boyfriend for vaginal reconstruction surgery, claiming his abnormally large penis stretched her vagina.

Yeah… I can’t make this stuff up.

Silindile Mangena, 29, is suing her ex-boyfriend, Mugove Kurima, 37, after the end of their year and a half relationship. Mangena met Kurima in 2016. She states she fell in love with him, despite the fact that he was actually married at the time.

An illicit affair ensued, and now, after ending things in May, Mangena says her private parts just aren’t what they used to be, thanks to Kurima’s “abnormally long” dick. Mangena has not state how long “abnormally long” is, but says her vagina was “tight” before she met her ex, and now it’s so overstretched she needs vaginal reconstruction surgery.

Her lawsuit is to cover the cost of surgery — 150,000 South African Rand… which (at the time of this writing) is about $10,400.

Kurima has yet to respond to the suit.

Editorial Notes on the Magena – Kurima Vaginal Reconstruction Lawsuit

My editorial thoughts on this story are as follows:

This is the best Tinder-bait ever for Kurima!  🙂

vaginal reconstruction big penis tinder bait

Seriously though, I’m curious as to the fact that she’s claiming length stretched her out. She’s not complaining about his abnormal girth… which is what one would expect from a “stretched out” complaint.

Many women who undergo this type of “designer vagina” surgery are repairing looseness from normal aging, but most often childbirth. (You pass a 13-inch baby head through your body and it shouldn’t be surprising if things loosen up a smidge.)  But, length alone shouldn’t result in looseness.


I wonder if Mangena’s complaint is one or more of the following:

  • Normal aging – as women get older, their vaginas typically get a little less tight
  • Normal loosening due to sexual activity – if she wasn’t very sexually active before Kurima, this could especially be true
  • Her current partner is smaller and/or less-skilled than Kurima – which may be why she’s not enjoying the same level of sexual satisfaction she had with Kurima, even if her vagina was the exact same shape/size
  • It’s a “lover scorned” issue – not a vagina issue. Maybe Mangena is simply not happy things ended with Kurima and is looking for a way to get back at him.  The news doesn’t state whether or not Kurima is still married, but that would be a surefire way to ruin the guy’s life – by dragging him into a lawsuit like this.

What are your thoughts?
If a guy really does have an abnormally large penis,
should he be responsible for vaginal reconstruction of partners,
once he’s done with them?

From Unpublished Drafts Archive

HEX – A Revolutionary Change to Condoms?

LELO HEX condoms
LELO HEX condoms
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The beginning of the history of condoms is debatable. Some believe ancient civilizations used loin cloths as condoms. Others believe condom usage began in the 15th century, in China and Japan. However, the first uncontested usage of condoms was detailed by Gabriele Falloppio in De Morbo Gallico – “The French Disease”.  In this publication about syphilis, Falloppio describes using sheaths of linen, soaked in chemicals and dried, fastened around the glans of the penis with a ribbon, as a means of preventing the spread of this then-fatal disease.

Since that time, condoms evolved to full shaft coverage and improved materials – including now most commonly latex. However, the concept has been the same – a tubular material – with little innovation.

LELO HEX condoms are changing it up, using a hexagonal design in the material to create a strong, thin and highly sensitive condom like nothing else on the market. This honeycomb structure is nature’s way of delivering strength, while being lightweight. (PLUS, scroll down for the HEX Respect XL if you need larger sized condoms!)

HEX™ Condoms | The World’s Best New Condom by LELO

Each HEX condom is made up of 350 interconnected hexagons. This super-thin (0.045mm thin!) condom allows body heat to be transmitted between partners, increasing sensitivity and heightening sexual experience.

The HEX condom is perfectly smooth on the outside and textured on the inside, with the web-like structure, for increased male pleasure. Have the strongest orgasm of your life, while wearing a condom! HEX stretches and conforms to a wide variety of penis shapes and sizes.

PLUS – You can get free, DISCREET shipping directly to your home!

LELO HEX condoms

Give HEX a try and find out for yourself why media outlets around the world are calling the HEX condom one of the most important advances in condom technology for decades.

  • Natural latex condom
  • 0.045mm thin
  • 54mm diameter
  • Length: 180mm
  • Lightly lubricated
LELO HEX condoms
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HEX Respect XL

hex respect xl large penis condomsIf you’re a member of PEGym and been diligently working on making your manhood bigger – HEX has you covered! The HEX Respect XL is designed specifically for men with larger penises!

Same Technology – Same Protection – Same Amazing Feel – BUT BIGGER

  • 10% larger condom in every dimension than HEX Original for a more comfortable fit.
  • Re-engineered latex structure combining thinness and strength.
  • Ultra-thin panels help transfer body heat for more intimate sensations.
  • Textured on the inside to reduce slippage and improve grip during sex.
  • Lightly lubricated with a neutralized latex scent.

Here are the specifications for the HEX Respect XL:

  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Thickness: 0.045mm
  • Diameter: 58mm (4mm wider)
  • Length: 195mm (15mm longer)

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More “How Long Did it Take You to Gain Your First 1/2-Inch?”

Jelqing results are permanent

Jelqing results are permanentLike exercise for weight loss or muscle building, anyone who guarantees you a specific time frame to hit your goal doesn’t understand that the human body isn’t that simple. There’s so many factors that each person’s journey is different. However, hearing from a variety of men can help you estimate what you might expect in your goal to penis enlargement.

Let’s take a look at some more of our responses from this thread – How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch in length?

“JP90 took me from 6.5 to 7 inche. So 3 months. ”

“With a 4 day a week routine of air pumping and jelqing it took three years to retain one half inch of length. After 3 months of additional 20 minute daily pulse pumping with BathMate, I gained another half inch. Looking for more”


“It took me 66 days to gain my first half inch in length. JP90 for the first month, then hanging and jelqing for my second month.”
                    ~Tom Hangs


“About 2.5 months on Phallosan 2-3 hours pr day, aided with some pumping and manual stretches. And not counting the about 2 years of sporadic pumping before this.”



“I gain 1cm(.4″) in my first 26 days.”



“I gained 1.3cm (0.5 “) in a month and 0.9cm (0.35″) EG, routine p90”



“2 ish months for half an inch. Just over 4 months for over an inch.”


So, how long did it take you to gain your first half-inch? What exercises and/or devices did you use? Tell us in the comments below or on the forum thread here.



Female Sexual Anatomy Basics: AKA Where is the Clitoris?

female sexual anatomy

female sexual anatomyLet’s be honest guys, the female sexual anatomy is a weird (and awesome!) mystery. Male sexual anatomy is so much more straight forward (at least externally).  You have the penis and the testicles – maybe some foreskin. Everything’s just out there in front – easy to access – easy to see – usually easy to please.

But, women… we tuck our fun bits underneath. We have weird inner labia and outer labia, and that oh-so-elusive…


Even if you’ve had lots of sexual partners, that little nub of pleasure can be as hard to find sometimes as a unicorn in a field of 4-leaf clovers! So, let’s take a look at some basic outer female sexual anatomy, and specifically talk about the clitoris.

Female Sexual Anatomy Overview

Female sexual anatomy usually includes the vulva (the outer “fun parts”) and the reproductive system (the inner “working parts”). The inner working parts, like the ovaries, the Fallopian tubes, and more are all very important to sexual health, but in this post, let’s focus on the vulva.

The Vulva (and NO “Vulva” is not the fancy term for the Vagina)

First, let’s clear up one really common misconception. That whole outer female sex area down there… NOT the vagina. It’s actually called the vulva.

The vagina is the flattened tube that connects the outer world with the cervix, which leads to the uterus. So, when someone is talking about the vagina, they (shouldn’t) don’t mean the whole funland area down there – they (should be) are talking about specifically that tube inside the body.

OK, with that straightened out, let’s look at the parts of the vulva. (the outer sexual anatomy bits). The vulva includes:

    • Labia (Majora – outer lips & Minora – inner lips) –
      • The labia (lips) are the folds of skin that go around the vaginal opening. As the names imply – the inner lips (minora) are the folds closer to the opening inside the outer (majora) lips.
      • Labia are as different and unique as thumbprints. No two are alike. Some are plump and tight and short. Some are long and wrinkly.
      • Just like men typically have one testicle that hangs lower than the other – most women have one labia that hangs lower than the other.
      • Again, just like a man’s penis tissue coloration can vary significantly from man-to-man and can even be significantly different from the skin color on the rest of their body, the labia can be light pink to a dark brown. FUN FACT: The color of many women’s labia changes as they get older!
      • Like the skin of the testicles, the labia can be very sensitive. They typically swell (some women more than others) when sexually stimulated with increased blood flow.
      • Urban slang – fish lips, taco, bearded clam, and SO many more!
    • Urethra Opening –
      • The tiny hole the woman urinates out of. It’s located toward the top of the vulva, right below the clit.
    • .Vaginal Opening – 
      • The vaginal opening is located below the urethra opening. This is the gateway to fun town.
      • The vaginal opening, although an “opening”, is not naturally in an open state, because the vagina itself is a flattened tube to prevent entry of bacteria and unwanted objects.
    • The Anus – 
      • Whether or not your partner considers this part of the female anatomy to be part of her “sexual” anatomy is up to her. Always discuss (and get approval) any anal activity with your partner before trying anything.
      • This opening to the rectum has a lot of very sensitive nerve endings in it. For this reason, many women and men alike get sexual pleasure when this area is stimulated.
    • Mons Pubis – 
      • The mons pubis is the fleshy portion of skin above the vulva. It’s designed to cushion the pubic bone of the woman, so includes a fat pad that expands and contracts with overall bodyweight.
      • Men also have this same fat pad to cushion their pubic bone and, in fact, overweight men can see measurable increase in penis length (both flaccid and erect) simply by losing weight and decreasing this fat pad.
    • Clitoris –
      • The clitoris is protected by a fold of skin, where the inner labia meet, known as the clitoral hood.
      • The tip of the clit is located at the top of the vulva, right where those labia minor come together.
      • Like penises, the tip of clitorises (clitori? – hmm… what is the plural) come in a lot of different sizes. Some are small, even smaller than the size of a pea. Some are rather large – like thumb size. All are beautiful!
      • The clit continues into the body and runs along both sides of the vagina (the canal we talked about earlier).
      • When turned on, the clitoris typically swells with blood – like a little mini penis.
      • FUN FACT: There are more nerve endings per square inch than any other part of the body in the clitoris. AND, it has no other purpose than to feel good! The ultimate hedonistic body part!

How Do You Find the Clitoris? And, Why is it So Elusive?

So, if this little tiny body part is so pleasurable why in the world is it so hard for men to find? You’d think God (or whatever method of creation you believe in) would’ve put a big arrow on this thing. TOUCH HERE! That way men would be able to find it easier and women would want to have sex more often, since 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm!

Read that again guys… 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm!

Needless to say – finding and successfully stimulating the clit should be PRIORITY #1 (or at least at the top of your sexual to do list). Check out these drawings below, to start to “see” where you should begin your clitoral treasure hunt.

where is the clitoris

vulva anatomy

Step-By-Step Instructions on Finding the Clit

  1. Have your partner lie down on their back.
  2. Gently separate the labia.
  3. Locate the vagina opening. If the vaginal opening were a 6 on the face of a clock, the clitoris is going to be at 12.
  4. Slowly move your hand up the vulva from the vaginal opening. Follow the inner lips up and where they meet – that’s the clitoral hood.
  5. Gently stimulate the clitoral hood. Circular motions are usually good. Start softly and increase intensity slowly. Tongue, fingers, nose, vibrator – whatever.
  6. If you’re not sure you’re in the right spot, make those circles wide by using the whole pad of your finger, rather than the tip – or the flat of your tongue, rather than the tip.
  7. Once stimulated, the clitoris will typically fill with blood and become more prominent. Some of them get pretty big; other stay small but are engorged. Even if you can’t see it (maybe the lights are off, or you’re not at the right viewing angle), you should be able to feel the clit once your partner is sexually excited.
  8. Back of the pressure and very gently rub your fingertip or tongue around the area until you feel the hard little excited nub and VOILA!
  9. Go get ’em! But, again, start softly and build pressure slowly.

If you’re looking for more information on the female body, be sure to check out the posts below. An educated lover is a better lover! 😀

A Little Bit About Female Anatomy: AKA How Big is the Vagina?

More About the Vagina

Where is the G-Spot?


Generic Viagra Comes to Your Wallet’s Rescue: Happy 20th Birthday, Viagra!

generic viagra

generic viagraThe ever-increasing price for erectile dysfunction drugs is a serious problem for tens of thousands of men. When a single-dose of 10 mg Viagra can cost $60 or more… well, it can seriously impact your sex life.  Thank goodness, generic Viagra has come to market and is saving men a lot of money.

Why Do Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Cost So Much?

NOTE: For the purpose of this section, let’s set aside the occasional nefarious price-gouging the pharmaceutical industry does on medications, and instead just focus on the reasonable (but still high) costs of ED drugs.

why do erectile dysfunction drugs cost so much

Let’s start this discussion with why erectile dysfunction drugs are so expensive, and really, why every name brand drug is so expensive.  Pharmaceutical companies, obviously, put millions and millions of dollars into the development of a drug. Oftentimes, these drugs never come to market, for numerous reasons. So, for every drug that comes to market – it has to pay for all of the other drugs that were just big sinkholes of money.

Now, compound this need to recover lost R&D costs on other failed products with the liability pharmaceutical companies endure with each and every drug they sell. Like the medical industry in general, costs have skyrocketed over the last couple of decades due to an increasingly litigious society. Those costs of lawsuits – both won and lost – have to be covered as well.

Lastly, a prescription’s protection is only for a finite length. Patent protection for a brand name drug, like Viagra, is only 20 years. After that time, other manufacturers can make the drug. So, they only have that short time span when they stand unchallenged – and smartly try to make as much profit as possible during that time.

Enter Generic Viagra – Happy 20th Birthday Viagra!

happy birthday viagra generic viagraOn March 27th, 1998, Pfzier Pharmaceuticals was given FDA approval to sell the infamous “little blue pill”. Now, 20 years later, that patent protection is gone and generic Viagra, Sildenafil, has come to market.

The result?

A HUGE savings!

Generic Viagra is available now for $10 or less per dose, at your local pharmacy here in the states. That’s less than the hourly rate for a babysitter!  OK, it’s still not super-cheap, but it’s far more affordable than $60!

Now, having sex three times a week will only cost you a the average monthly credit card payment and not a mortgage on a small house.

To learn more about Viagra, check out this post –

Viagra: Everything You Want to Know About the Little Blue Pill

To get a prescription for Viagra online and have your prescription safely, discreetly and legally delivered right to your house, check out this post –

A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction – Roman Changes Everything!

Do You Want Penis Enlargement Pills?

do you want penis enlargement pills 2

Do you want penis enlargement pills? There are several things to consider, before you take any sort of supplement – no matter what you’re hoping for as a result – whether that be a larger penis, weight loss, muscle building, improved memory, etc.

You Want Penis Enlargement Pills?!? You Can’t Handle Penis Enlargement Pills!

Although the image of Jack Nicholson is comical…

you want penis enlargement pills

… if you want penis enlargement pills, you need to make sure you seriously can handle them. Many of the ingredients in most penis enlargement pills are vasodilators.

Vasodilators open (dilate) your blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through them. Although this can mean more blood flowing into your penis, which can give you a larger erection and/or larger flaccid hang, it can also be dangerous. For this reason, before taking any penis enlargement supplement, always talk to your doctor before you begin to take it.

When you speak with your doctor, bring with him the ingredient list of the penis enlargement pills you want to take. This way, he or she can ensure there are no ingredients that will negatively interact with any other medications you’re taking, or any of your current medical conditions.

You Won’t Get a Bigger Penis with Penis Enlargement Pills Alone – Not Permanently

Penis enlargement pills, as mentioned, typically work by increasing the blood flow to your penis. Yes, this can give you a harder (and thus bigger) erection. And, the increased blood in your flaccid penis can give you a bigger flaccid penis as well. However, once the supplement is out of your system, your blood flow goes back to normal.

The results are temporary.

The only way to get permanent penis enlargement is to build new penis tissue. The only way this can happen is through creating microtears in the cells of the tissue. Just like lifting weights causes microtears in the muscles of your arms, when these are repaired by the body, you get new and more cells – bigger muscles – bigger penis.

That doesn’t mean penis enlargement pills aren’t useful for permanent penis enlargement. They are! That increased blood flow is a great way to get lots of nutrient-rich blood to your penis after your penis exercises workout! This increased blood flow helps your body do that repair and build new tissue!

Have you tried penis enlargement pills? Tell us your results in the comments below!

Penis Stretching Exercises

penis stretching exercises

penis stretching exercisesPenis stretching exercises are the basis for all male enhancement exercises. Using just your hands or a device to assist, stretching can help you reach your goals of penis enlargement and increased erection quality.

What are Penis Stretching Exercises?

Penis stretching exercises – as the name implies – involves stretching the penis. These stretches are more than just a random tug here and there, but controlled, consistent, intense stretching that create microtears in the cellular walls of the penile tissues. These microtears then are repaired by the body and new cellular growth (and tissue growth) happens. It’s similar to the process of rebuilding muscle in other areas of the body.

For more information, read our comprehensive Penis Stretching Guide.

What Types of Penis Stretching Exercises are There?

Penis stretching exercises come in a variety of types.  The Basic Stretch is the most common and straight forward penis stretching exercise. Other stretches include:

You can check out instructions and videos of how to do all of the different penis stretching exercises here:

Penis Exercise Video Guide: Video Instruction of our Exercises

Devices for Penis Stretching Exercises

Although many penis stretching exercises can be done with absolutely no equipment at all (other than your hands), devices can make penis stretching exercises more effective and easier to do. Penis hanging is an advanced form of penis stretching exercises, but since this should only be done by men who have experience with penis exercises, penis extenders are a better penis stretching device for men of all experience levels.  Favorite penis extenders from our members include:

Have you tried penis stretching exercises? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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Do Penis Enlargement Creams Really Work?

beanstalk penis enlargement cream male enhancement

beanstalk penis enlargement cream male enhancementIt’s a bit like Jack and the Beanstalk. A stranger sells you some “magic cream.” Rub it on your penis, and VOILA! – a bigger penis! Except, unlike Jack, you don’t wake up to a huge beanstalk… you end up with a very similar penis, but with cream on it. Penis enlargement creams don’t work…

Kind of.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing a product through any of our links, you help keep PEGym forums and content free. Thank you!

What are Penis Enlargement Creams?

Penis enlargement creams, sometimes known as male enhancement creams, are topical creams applied to the penis. They usually include vasodilator ingredients as well as moisturizing ingredients. To be sold over the counter, these ingredients need to be natural/herbal.

The vasodilators encourage bloodflow to the penis. This increased bloodflow can temporarily give you a larger and harder erection and a larger flaccid penis. However, the keyword there is – temporary.

This increased bloodflow isn’t enough to create the microtears needed, for permanent growth. But, these creams are good if you want a temporary boost.

Penis enlargement creams may not result in permanent penis enlargement, but they can be good for after workout care. The increased blood in the penis can help encourage new cellular growth, after you’ve performed penis exercises, like jelqing or penis stretching.

Which Penis Enlargement Cream is Best?

We have tested numerous male enhancement creams (seriously, I hate calling them penis enlargement creams, because I really do think it’s misleading), and have come up with a couple our testers have liked.

  • VigRx Oil penis enlargement oil penis enlargement creamProsolution Gel – Over 97% of men who have tried ProSolution Gel say it has made a significant, temporary difference in their erection size and sexual performance.
  • Enlargel – Enlargel is not only a male enhancement cream, but also a great training lubricant for penile exercising. It helps increase hardness, penis length and penis girth.
  • VigRX Oil – VigRX Oil improves circulation and blood flow to the penis, and create a base for greatly enhancing arousal and erection.

Of course, you can also make your own penis enlargement cream… I mean MALE ENHANCEMENT CREAM.  Check out how here — DIY Make Your Own Penis Enlargement Cream (Male Enhancement Cream)