About Us

Written by: Rob Michaels

Who Is PEGym.com?

PEGym.com is owned by Semprove, Inc. We are a Florida-based corporation dedicated to helping others through self-improvement. Founded in 2005, PEGym.com has been the leading source of male sexual health information, particularly focusing on male enhancement, for more than a decade.

The PEGym.com quickly turned into a complete database for penile exercising, male sexual improvement, and penis enlargement under the belief that:

  • Every man should have access to organized, easy-to-read information on male sexual health topics.
  • More scientific studies, experiments, and surveys need to be done on the effects of penile exercising.
  • The world should know the truth about male enhancement.

PEGym’s Mission

Our primary mission is to increase the accurate and truthful information on the Internet, about male sexual health topics. Given the sensitive nature of these topics, too many websites are filled with misinformation, promising men miracle cures and instant fixes. We want to combat these snake oil salesmen with honest, open dialog, via our forums, and the highest quality content in our blogs.

All of our information is FREE. Membership on our forums is (and always will be) FREE. Too many male enhancement sites are simply out to sell their product. You do not need to buy supplements or devices to get results. We have exercise routines, instructions and even instructional videos — all for free. Of course, purchase of any of our affiliated products helps keep PEGym up and running, but in the end, our goal isn’t about making money (as too many sites are), it’s about helping people.

Who are the People Behind PEGym?

Rob Michaels, Founder

Our team is led by Rob Michaels. Rob is a male enhancement expert and author of Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health. He has spent more than a decade researching male enhancement techniques, reviewing products and developing a program that can actually help men reach their male enhancement goals.

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, Lead Trainer

Our lead trainer on staff is AJ “Big Al” Alfaro. AJ is also the founder of MaleEnhancementCoach.com. He has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Salon.com, Men’s Health, as well as a growing number of journals. AJ has more than 2 decades of experience helping men reach their male enhancement goals. Thousands of men have reached their goals, thanks to AJ’s guidance. He is also the author of several books, including

  • For Men Only,
  • How To Get Incredibly Huge and Super Strong Naturally and
  • Strength Bodybuilding.

Kimberly Wylie, Managing Editor

Kimberly is a male sexual health expert, having helped thousands of men, over the last decade at PEGym and through her writing. Kimberly is the managing editor for

She is also the managing editor and co-author of the book Exploring Sex, Lust & Love, with sexual health expert Clive Peters.

Dr. Richard Howard, Founding Supporter

Dr. Richard R. Howard II’s areas of expertise are as a: health and fitness advisor, researcher, and financier (stock market and real estate). His degrees are a B.B.A. from Loyola University, New Orleans; and his M.P.H ., M.S., and Dr. P.H. from Tulane University 1988. He has served as a researcher in Organic Chemistry at Loyola University in 1973, an educator at Dominican College, New Orleans in 1977, a researcher in Biochemistry at Tulane University School of Medicine from 1978-88, and as a health and fitness advisor at the Howard Medical Clinic from 1982-1990. Dr. Ric is the author of “Vitamin C and Ophthalmic Wound Healing,” published in 1988, and other peer review research papers.

Dr. Howard was the Veterans Administration grantee in 1984. He was a member of Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society, and his biography is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America, from 1992 to present, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, from 1992 to present, and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, from 1994 to present . Dr. Ric is a student of health and wholeness, as well as the stock market and economic trends- both are great passions. He has spent a number of years professionally counseling in the areas of: health, fitness, nutrition and supplementation, as well as the stock market paradigms of success.

He has a desire to help and encourage others to achieve their dreams in all dimensions of wholeness, health, finances, and, if they are so inclined, spirituality. Dr. Ric firmly believes we are only limited by our imagination. Nothing ventured nothing gained. All things are possible through faith. He is currently located in New Orleans, and his interests include health fitness, body building, swimming, running, golf, piano, sexual mastery, and spirituality. He is currently a health professional, PE coach, and stock market investor.

Volunteer Administrators & Moderators

The forums on PEGym could not be possible without the help of dozens of volunteer administrators and moderators. They are members who have demonstrated a desire to help others. These dedicated men and women help keep PEGym safe from spammers and help guide members to resources both in the forums and in the thousands of pages of content on our blog.  Simply put, this site would not be possible without the help of these awesome people!

Affiliated Products

Our webpages often include links and banners to affiliated products. We are very selective in which products and services we link on our site. Each of these products have been tested by PEGym members to be effective in producing the results the manufacturers purport. Your purchase of any product through one of our links helps us keep PEGym forums and content free. THANK YOU!

How to Contact PEGym

If you have a comment, question, suggestion, or would like more information about PEGym or any of the topics we cover, we’d love to hear from you! Please use our Contact Form or e-mail us directly at contact @ pegym . com (remove spaces).