5 Reasons Why Masturbation is Good for You

Despite the taboo, masturbation does have health benefits.

Masturbation may be one of the few activities most men enjoy. A 2011 study found 95% of unmarried men admitted to masturbating. Even most married men partake in going solo, with 70% admitting to masturbating. Yet, despite masturbation being so commonly practiced, it’s still a social taboo. Following are 5 reasons why masturbation is actually good for you.

Despite the taboo, masturbation does have health benefits.
Despite the taboo, masturbation does have health benefits.
  1. Masturbation Can Improve Stamina – Using masturbation as a stamina training exercise, through Edging, is a great way to improve your sexual stamina, for when you’re with your partner. Read more about Edging in our article Edging for Increased Stamina.
  2. Masturbation May Reduce the Chance of Prostate Cancer – A 2004 study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found high ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total prostate cancer.1
  3. Masturbation Reduces Blood Pressure and Stress – As with ejaculation during sex, the hormones released during orgasm have a relaxing effect on the body.
  4. Masturbation Fights Depression – Along with reducing blood pressure and stress, the serotonin and dopamine released during orgasm combat depression, much in the same way prescription drugs like Prozac do.2
  5. Masturbation Builds Stronger Muscles – As we get older, our muscles naturally atrophy. Masturbation keeps key muscles, like the pelvic floor muscles, in tip-top shape. This can help prevent erectile dysfunction due to loss of muscle.
  6. Masturbation Creates Stronger Semen – Going without ejaculating for as little as five days can really harm those little swimmers. When you don’t have ready access to a sexual partner, masturbation can help ensure their as strong as possible.
Despite the health benefits, masturbation should be in moderation.
Despite the health benefits, masturbation should be in moderation.

Now, the caveat here is — Everything in moderation. Do not neglect your partner, miss work or school, or forget to pick up the kids because you’re spending too much “alone time.” However, in moderation, masturbation shouldn’t be the taboo society has made it out to be.


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  1. There seems two be two schools of thought on this one. Some people claim masturbation ruins your real sex life as it affects the brain’s reaction to sex. I guess the answer is the same as it is for most things in life, don’t over do it! I tried not jerking off for a couple of weeks but after that time the urge became just too great as men are programmed to ejaculate fairly frequently.

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