Dave Asprey goes Back To The Future – the coolest gadgets and hacks for getting the most out of life #143


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A couple of weeks ago I was in LA for the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. You’ve probably seen various selfies on social media. I went over there to record for Zestology and write a piece for Balance magazine on going Back To The Future, with the world’s most famous biohacker Dave Asprey.

How does this guy do it?  Dave sat across from me, and he looked healthier and younger – way younger – than the last time I saw him ten months ago. He’s got new dimples too. Ordinarily, the first thing that would spring to mind is botox. But this is the man with a stated aim of living to the age of 180 – that doesn’t seem very likely. There is no beating around the bush. I need to know. We’re starting with the dimples. First question – how do you look annoyingly younger than last time, while I seem to be ageing not-go-gracefully?

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