How to Lose Visceral Fat, and Why It’s So Bad for You


  By: Emma Rose

Article at a glance:

  • Visceral fat is the deep abdominal fat that surrounds your organs. Even thin people can have dangerous levels of it.
  • Some levels of visceral fat are normal and even healthy but too much can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation.
  • Visceral fat is caused by many factors, like diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and stress.
  • Follow the lifestyle tips below to learn how to lose visceral fat and get rid of it for good.

Everyone has fat. Body fat is necessary to cushion and support your organs, build cells, and store energy, but too much can be dangerous for your well-being. While the conversation of weight usually targets visible fat, the topic goes deeper than love handles. There’s another hidden type of fat that can seriously harm your health and performance: visceral fat. Here’s everything you need to know about visceral fat, plus how to lose visceral fat.

What is visceral fat?

what is visceral fatIt’s important to understand the differences between visceral and subcutaneous fat. The fat you can pinch on your waist, arms, legs or anywhere else is all subcutaneous fat, stored just beneath the skin. Visceral fat is a different beast: the deep, internal fat packed around your abdominal organs — sometimes also referred to as abdominal fat. Healthy levels of visceral fat help insulate and protect your organs, and play a role in your endocrine and immune function. In excess amounts however, visceral fat can spell serious trouble for your performance and your health.

* This article is a repost which originally appeared on The Bulletproof Blog.

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