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What is Biohacking - BulletProof

What is biohacking, you ask?  In the most recent video post, Quantifying & Biohacking at the Quantified Self meet-up, I included a stylized steam-punk infographic.  I put this infographic together to explain the different areas of research that go into biohacking. I couldn’t resist throwing a little bit steam punk into it.

Next week I’ll post the second talk I gave at the QS meet-up:  Oxygen & Airplanes.

What Is Biohacking?

Biohacking: (verb, noun)

(v): To change the environment outside of you and inside of you so you have full control of your biology, to allow you to upgrade your body, mind, and your life.

(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman.

A few people at Quantified Self asked me for a copy of it to learn more about what is biohacking really, so I’m sharing it with all of you.  Have a great week!

What is Biohacking - BulletProof

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