Tuesday, September 21, 2021

About Us

Why We Started

We began with a simple mission: 
To help people improve their bodies and lives, with the primary goal of improving life to live longer.
TheBioHacker is the ultimate website for all things biohacking, with the primary goal of healthily living to a 100+.

Why 100+?

About - Why Live to 100For some, 100 might seem crazy. They find the idea intimidating, or even scary. After all, if you ask most people how long they expect to live, most would probably answer around 80, which is close to the global average. For others, living to 100 seems like a lackluster goal, since many have lived to 110 years old or even more.

Most people only imagine being wrinkly and fragile at 70. It’s not exactly encouraging if you think of frequent joint pain and heart disease when you’re old.

However, if we’re going to live up to 100 and beyond, we should start imagining what it’s like to actually be older while looking younger and maintaining good health.

While it’s entirely possible to live beyond 100—and it’s the dream of many biohackers—there is truly more to it than merely extending lifespan. Imagine looking like you’re 30 when you’re way past your 60s. Having the endurance of a 30 year-old when you’re well beyond your 70s. These are just some of the best reasons for actualizing your longevity goals.

Our main focus is to help increase the lifespan of people to a 100+. While doing so, we hope to help many people live better, happier lives.

About - Advancements in Medical TechnologyAs new technologies and research comes out over the 21st century, the goal will most certainly increase. Notable scientists and researchers have talked about the possibility of living to 1,000+ or even longer, such as gerontologist and SENS Research Foundation co-founder Aubrey de Grey, and futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil.

In an interview with Aubrey de Gray, he says, by the time we reach the Longevity Escape Velocity, “People are exceptionally unlikely ever to suffer from any kind of ill health correlated with their age. Because we will never fall below Longevity Escape Velocity once we attain it.”

In another interview with Ray Kurzweil, when asked about living forever and taking over 100 supplements, he says:
is not on our side once we get to our 30s and 40s… So we need to reprogram our biochemistry, and I do that with supplements and medications.”

It’s important to note that longevity is not just about increasing lifespan; extending healthspan is of equal importance. We believe in living up to 100+ with a high quality of life, which means you should be able to function and be just as healthy, if not even better, like when you were younger. 

Who We Are

About - TheBiohacker - Who We AreTheBiohacker is supported and powered by a team of researchers, health writers, doctors, and experienced entrepreneurs. We aim to deliver information based on scientific research from credible sources, vetted by knowledgeable professionals in the field. 

Though science is always changing and growing, we believe in trying to gather as much data and research as possible when it comes to delivering vital health information to public. This is exactly what we’re doing with our Longevity Guide.

We don’t just rely heavily on the scientific community and the growing amount of research on how to increase longevity—we also lean on the biohacking community. Biohackers are at the forefront of optimizing their own bodies and lifestyles to increase longevity. And sometimes, even their patient’s lives, as in the case of biohacker Dr. Terry Grossman, among others.

Experts We Trust

Ray Kurzweil

About - Expert Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil is a renowned inventor and futurist, described by The Wall Street Journal as “the restless genius.” He advocates life extension technologies and has written numerous books on transhumanism and the singularity. [Full author bio]

“Our philosophy is to embrace the unique opportunity we have at this time
and place to expand our longevity and human potential.”

Ray Kurzweil

Dr. Terry Grossman

Author - Expert Terry Grossman

Dr. Terry Grossman is a leading medical authority in the field of anti-aging medicine and preventive medicine. He is a widely sought lecturer on longevity, and has written books on the science of living forever, including ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ with Ray Kurzweil. [Full author bio]

“I decided I would begin to look at the process of aging as a disease,and see what I could do
in my medical practice to help both myself and my patients to slow down aging.”
—Dr. Terry Grossman


Dr. Peter Attia, M.D.

About - Expert Peter Attia
Dr. Peter Attia founded Attia Medical, PC, which focuses on the applied science of optimal performance and longevity. He is a former ultra-endurance athlete and was a surgical oncology fellow under Dr. Steve Rosenberg. [Full author bio]

“If you set a goal, it should meet these two conditions: 1) It matters; 2) You can influence the outcome.”

Peter Attia