Tony’s Top 3 Biohacks | The cutting-edge technology Tony uses to stay in peak condition


Listen to this episode on the Tony Robbins Podcast with Mark Murdock and Tony Robbins.


In this episode, we’re delving into the next level recovery techniques that have rapidly been gaining popularity across the country: whole body cryotherapy, photobiomodulation, and dynamic sequential compression. These treatments aren’t just reserved for world-class athletes or celebrities anymore — they’ve become a key component of many individuals’ everyday health and wellness routines. And it’s plain to see why:

Cryotherapy has been linked to increased blood circulation, an enhanced immune system, decreased fatigue, accelerated injury recovery, improved sleep patterns and even an elevated sense of cognitive abilities.Photomodulation has proved incredibly effective at relieving inflammation and chronic pain. And Dynamic Sequential Compression is known to relieve muscle aches, boost circulation, prevent future injuries and reduce recovery time — benefits that could propel anyone to the next level, which is why Tony Robbins himself has become such a raving fan.

You will hear from Tony, who recently sat down with Mark Murdock, Managing Partner of CryoUSA, to discuss just why cryotherapy has become such an integral strategy for recovery, and what other cutting-edge technology is helping him stay in peak condition. Then we segue into an in depth interview between our host, Ana Yoerg, and Mark Murdock, where you will learn more about the treatments themselves and how you can start incorporating them into your life. Because it’s not just about pain management, it’s about health and wellness and taking your physicality to it’s optimal state.


[01:30] Ana introduces the episode
[02:45] Tony sits down with Mark Murdock
[03:05] Tony is traveling every 3 to 4 days across the world
[03:30] The stamina and endurance Tony needs
[04:20] The physical toll on Tony’s body
[05:00] How cryotherapy was a game-changer for Tony
[05:30] The psychological shift cryotherapy creates
[06:15] Tony’s use of the Norma Tec
[06:45] Cleanse, detox and strengthen
[07:25] The power of red and infrared light
[07:55] How Tony incorporates the laser into his routine
[09:30] The impact on the everyday person
[09:50] If you’re in pain, you have to deal with the source
[11:00] Ana takes us into the science behind the treatments
[11:30] What are the three types of clients looking for recovery
[13:30] How do people find these treatments?
[14:30] Natural, non-invasive options for health and wellness
[15:10] How CryoUSA began
[16:20] The cryotherapy business did not exist 8 years ago
[16:40] “We didn’t just have to build a business, we had to build an industry”
[17:00] Educating people about cryotherapy
[18:40] The different types of recovery
[20:15] How these treatments address inflammation
[21:20] Flushing the toxins from your system
[22:30] The sensation you experience after these treatments
[23:00] A core component of elite athletes’ conditioning
[23:50] Celebrities that utilize these treatments
[24:20] Purchasing these tools for your own home
[25:00] Improving employee wellness
[26:30] What Tony uses in regards to light and laser
[27:50] The science behind the light and LED
[29:45] How the cryotherapy chambers work
[31:45] Cryotherapy vs. ice baths
[34:40] Partnering with Nike, NBA, NFL, The Dallas Cowboys, UFC
[37:00] Growing the recovery industry
[38:00] New revenue streams for those in the wellness field
[41:30] Supporting new business owners who want to enter this space
[43:00] CryoUSA Team
[44:40] A special offer for our listeners

*This article is a repost which originally appeared on the Tony Robbins Podcast.

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